Paramexer is straight fire

*Has the product been used?
I have used several of his products and all are straight fire and seemed to be dosed properly

*brief description of review
I have been using paramexer for couple months now and everything I about the experience has been top notch and professional. Dude is killing it

*Communication & Ordering process
Ordering process is super easy. Just email him what I want and boom transaction is done. Communication is the best I have experienced. Usually get a response back practically within an hour if not a couple hours. Communication is always professional

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Delivery is ALWAYS on point. Delivery usually is within couple days of order being placed. If I order on Friday usually get my order on Tuesday or Wednesday. Packaging discreet and never had an issue. Vials are always packaged safely

*Items ordered
Several orders over the past couple months.

*Product effectivenes and experience
The Tren is very properly dosed. So much so I just ordered more. No pain what so ever with any of the injectables. Dbol was right on point and strong! Have put on 10lbs so far and strength is through the roof.

*Additional commentary
@paramexer Gear is right on point. Communication and everything associated with the transaction is super easy and fast. Sending several of my friends to him as well. @paramexer is my and will always be my go to source. Hands down best ever!!! You won’t be disappointed

*Rate with 1-10
Communication - 10/10
Payment processing - 10/10
Order processing- 10/10
Delivery - 10/10
Shipping packaging- 10/10
Product packaging- 10/10
Product effectiveness - 10/10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
In an instant! I already have recommended his products to friends…keep killin it @paramexer


All 10 WOW :slightly_smiling_face: nice

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dude is money…can’t go wrong using him

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I will second that!

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