Paramexer Review! Happy customer

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*Has the product been used? For how long?
Yes I’m currently on week 7, I ran the Dbol for 5 weeks and am still on the prop/Npp

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*Communication & Ordering process
Communication and ordering was a breeze. He replied back and forth the first day and payment was sent that day and shipped the following day.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Delivery was on time in the mailbox the 4th day after ordering. Packaging was great! Wrapped tight and sealed.

*Items ordered
Dbol 25 mg
Npp 150mg
Test prop 100mg

*Product effectivenes and experience
Dbol was good. Dosed right as advertised. I could tell when the Npp kicked in, my strength and endurance went thru the roof! My appetite is great. The Prop is smooth, minimal pip! I’m happy with the order am lookin forward to more!

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Definitely! 10’s across the board and that’s the truth


Thanks for the review brother I appreciate it

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