Paramexer review: I’ve got to say great source

*Has the product been used? For how long?
I think it’s about time I give the community some feedback on Paramexer. I have used:
Test e was used for 10 weeks and now again for 3 weeks.
EQ- just started 3 weeks ago
Anavar- was used for 6 weeks last cycle. Will be used at the end of this cycle as well.
Nolvadex- used daily during every cycle
*Brief description of review
All products have been great and the results I’ve seen are up to par with some of the pharma brands I’ve used.
*Communication & Ordering process
Great communication, any questions or concerns that I had were answered in a timely manner. Ordering process is very easy!
*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Delivery is fast usually takes 3 days. I believe this is my 3rd order with paramexer. Maybe 4th

*Items ordered
Test e
Test c
Tren e
Tren a

*Product effectivenes and experience
So far I’ve only used the test e, nolvadex and anavar. I’ve got to say, running his test has been great! I’m getting/got all the sides I like to see from well dosed test. I’ve seen an increase in libido, oily skin and steady strength gains. Also, I don’t get any PIP from paramexer products which is nice, makes me feel like I’m using high quality products.

Anavar is one of my favorite orals, i usually throw it in at the end of my cycle to “harden” some of the gains made. It gives me a nice lean look and I always get strong using anavar. I don’t get any negative sides from var, however, I never run more than 50mg per day.

Nolva does it’s job at keeping estrogen related sides at bay. I take nolvadex every day as it’s a great drug to utilize if you are gyno prone, this way you don’t crash your body’s total estrogen. I’ll take adex every 3rd day at .25 and this combo works perfect everytime.

Eq just started so can comment yet
*Additional commentary
I’ve been very impressed with paramexer thus far and will continue to support their business.
*Rate with 1-10 10
Communication - 10
Payment processing - 10
Order processing- 10
Delivery - 10
Shipping packaging- 10
Product packaging- 10
Product effectiveness - 10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
I would 100% recommend this sponsor!

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