Paramexer review of orders 🔥

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*Has the product been used? For how long?
Yes - 3+ months

*Brief description of review
As we all know, @paramexer is amazing

*Communication & Ordering process
Always responds super fast with an updated list to make orders accurate.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Delivery is usually no more than 2 days after it is shipped & its shipped usually the day after payment.

*Items ordered
Test P (my buddy and I ran it)
Anavar (wife ran it)
MK-2866 (wife ran it)
Test C
Primo E (Havn’t ran yet)
NPP (Havn’t ran yet)

*Product effectivenes and experience
All the products that have been used have been excellent, top notch. Smooth to pin and love the quality of the gear.

*Additional commentary
Definitely will use Paramexer again, especially to finish preparing my next cycle.

*Rate with 1-10
**Communication -10
**Payment processing -10
**Order processing-10
**Delivery -10
**Shipping packaging-10
**Product packaging-10
**Product effectiveness -10

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Nice review man. Paramexer is always on point my friend.


What carrier does paramexer use? I can’t use CSO or Apricot Kernel Oil. It gives me bad knots and hives for some reason.

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sunflower or MCT


I can do MCT for sure. Never had anything with sunflower though. Hmm

I’m excited to try the Primo

I love @paramexer brother :fire:


Primo is my new favorite man.


I use the test e and npp, I’ve got my wife on Primo… I love paramexer stuff!


Paramexer is cool. I trust my package will always be in the mailbox 3 days after I order everytime…
Thanks for posting!
@Ironside you running paramexer primo?

Side note have a friend running @paramexer and is loving the winny right now

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No I’m running 2 different sponsors primo right now. Neither one is paramexer

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