Paramexer Touchdown pic and post

So I have seen a ton of great things on here about @paramexer and what he’s got to offer all of us here at UG and I couldn’t resist. He answered me incredibly fast almost everytime and even when it wasn’t with 15 mins it was less than 12 hr responses which was awesome. I sent him my payment (which was also very easy) and he told me he shipped it the next day and I got the package in TWO DAYS! AND the tracking said “arriving late” I was blown away at how efficient he was. I pinned the test and mast and it was like butter. I also took the Anavar pre workout and I felt nasty pump like Anavar tends to do. I am going to post a real review once I run the gear for a bit. Paramexer is top notch guys! !
I will be updating you guys further once I run the gear for a while but from my experience so far I am really impressed it was really impressive how simple and efficient it was. I am very happy I chose him all the love and respect he gets on here is for a good reason for sure!


appreciate it bro no need to doubt PARAMEXER i have your back!!


Yes Paramexer always delivers.
Can’t wait to hear how you like his gear.


Loving it brother! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I am excited myself