PCT after 4 years on

It seem like my health problems are caused by kidney issues from AAS. Seems like I’m done with them at this point.

I’ve been blasting and cruising for 4 years. Now I need to come completely off. What can I do to help get back to at least not horrible test levels. What’s a good PCT?

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Man. That’s a long time with little to no break. I just met a guy the other day that has been running Tren pretty much non stop for almost 5 years and he’s in a similar boat as you.

Anyway on to the PCT. Its simple and effective but you’re probably going to need at least 6 to 8 weeks or more to attempt to basically reset your endocrine system.

In your current situation, I recommend
HCG 3x a week equaling 1200iu for the first 4 weeks only.
Nolvadex ED in a weekly taper. 60/40/40/20/20/10
Keep Arimadex on hand to curve any rebound. The Nolvadex will stave off gyno from occurring.
Get bloods after the 6 weeks and see where you’re at. You’ll need a full CBC, full Metabolic, full lipids, test serum, test total, LH, FSH and estradiol


Thanks bro.

Do you know how’s that guy doing?

Hey bro. Clean up and take a year off for sure and then retest everything again. I had bad levels and I’ve fully recovered back to normal.

I ran nolvadex and clomid for 3 months first go around. That got them working again. Second cycle of proviron and clomid. Then 6 weeks hcg once a week.

A lot of multi vitamins. Get on alpha lipioc acid and probiotics. No alcohol. Made a big difference dropping alcohol too.


He’s not good and has been in the hospital 2 or 3 times this year. He is an askhole and a gym bro though and won’t listen to anyones advice.

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Also have a friend that’s coming off 2 years off tren as we type this. Only problem he doesnt thing it’s going to be as bad as it’s going to be

He’s got a long road ahead of him if he half asses his PCT lol

1 bottle of hcg and 50 nolva is all he has

It seems I have hyperthyroidism as well, which also can mess with potassium with an already compromised kidney that also mess with potassium. I’m seeing an endo doctor to see why it’s like that.

I don’t drink anymore, I gave up drinking about 5 years ago when I got clean of drugs.

I suspect my drug use in the past also was not good for my kidneys.

Good news is, after some detox for my kidney and potassium the last couple days. They seem to be working fine and I don’t have permanent failure. I woke up having no muscle weakness besides probably being tight and cold after not moving for the last week.

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So should I be working out during this or not?

Working out is fine. Just stay away from supps like creatine, pre workouts etc.

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Should I be training a certain way you think? Lighter and more compound lifts or something l? Or just normal? I think def not the way I would train and the same frequency as I would on blast.

Like normal but with more time for recovery.

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Just an update.

I’m out of the hospital. Seems kidneys are returning to normal. But they told me to take it easy on carbs and protein for a few months. And take a month off of exercising.

Getting on a PCT soon. Getting meds from Symbiotic and looking for HCG.

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@Andrew0409 I would personally try & lift same weight, same reps, but reduce number of sets by around 50% , something like 2 sets total for small muscle groups & 4 sets for larger muscle groups, enough to stimulate the muscles & help maintain as much strength as possible & avoid overtraining since the body’s recovery will be very limited while hormone levels are very low, hopefully PCT will get them back to normal.
PCT will probably need to be at least 4 months, good luck brother


Appreciate the advice. Trying to mentally prepare myself for this.

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Hey, can you clear up what you mean with 1200mg for HCG 3 times a week? Not sure what you mean.

Do you mean 1200 iu total a week separated with 3 pins?

Any thoughts on HMG?

Thanks. Appreciate the help

Rushed my comment. That’s my mistake. HCG 1200iu a week split between 3 pins

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