Pct during the cycle?

Pct during the cycle?

Hey so I noticed during cycles I start getting bad sides like gyno so I usually take armidex or aromasin during the cycle. Now I know usually it’s for post cycle just wondering if that’s ok to do instead of waiting till post time.

Yes, take the ai’s during cycle to help prevent gyno

Yes sir, you can use A.I. during cycle for estrogen related sides, keeping my estrogen in check took some time, and trial and error. Start small with A.I., take as little as effective.

Adex and aromasin can be taken post cycle but its not considered pct
Pct compounds are
And there are others but those are the top 3

You should get bloodwork done so that you can know your actual estrogen levels and progesterone levels. High estrogen or progesterone and low of both are sometimes the same symptoms. The only way to truly know what needs to be done is bloodwork.

Also wouldn’t hurt to take nolva at low dose during cycle to block the receptors that way gyno wont occur. This is for those who are gyno sensitive.

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