PCT/Keeping size questions

Hello everyone and thank you for any advice upfront it means a lot.

long story short I am nearing my end of a Test-C and Anavar cycle and have noticed some pretty great changes in my body. I have the normal PCT ready to go Nova/Clom. But with all good things they come to an end and I wanted to see how you approach keeping as much size after you PCT with a Test cycle.

I am considering running Osterine with my PCT so 2 weeks after my last shot since its so mild but great for maintaining size and helps with repairing of tissues and joints.

There are 1000s of ways people tell you to approach this and with me only being 25 I am not ready just yet to fully commit to TRT so cycling on and off for now is what I find to be most healthy for me and I have never had any issues with my balls not working afterwards.

all advice is welcome and be critical as well!


Ostarinewill also suppress test now the nolva and cloned may do a better job of being it back than ostarine suppresses


If you want some informative PCT reading and have the time type PCT into search box and read the articles by @Rustyhooker and the other by @Bro.seneca. “Gyno prevention and pct protocol” and “Pct by a PHD”.

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What side effect are you worried about?
I would use clomiphene and nolvadex especially first time around and with the normal regimen. If you suffer side effects then adjust dosage and then possibly drop or adjust compounds


If you can find real enclomiphene go with that

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I appreciate the advice I actually have read the links to rustyhooker and a few others there an overwhelming amount of PCT info. I worded the overall question incorrect.

I know i have to PCT and ive done it before with no issues. My question is how do you approach keeping as much size and would using a Sarm be a bad idea on PCT.

I was more worried about how to maintain as much mass as possible. I have a solid PCT regimen. I was curious how Osterine would work during or if i should wait. People who are more experienced tend to know some secrets on how to keep as much mass as possible when coming off.

The times I’ve run a pct I started HCG towards the end of my cycle and kept it all the way through my pct. 250mcg twice a week. As week as low dose anti estrogen to keep the e2 rebound in check.

That’s just my opinion. I wouldn’t add any sarms.


Clomid and nolvadex standard pct
100/100/50/50 clomid
40/40/20/20. Nolvadex
1000 iu 3x per week or let’s say 2500iu per week
To keep the numbers even with the amount of hcg you can purchase

This would be my go to pct I would run this pct
With the exception I would use 5000iu per week hcg for four weeks it’s worked for years and it still works


What size are we talking first bro? You a solid 4.25in soft or what?

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Lol stupid funny bro love you man

I would definitely incorporate hcg I’m PCTing right now and I’m in week three and feel great and all I’ve lost so far is water weight, About 2lbs. I use nolvadex, hcg and clomid and outlaw things #s are a good reference.

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4.25 is average right?

Guess we need to open up a survey with all the members!

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Don’t let him suck you in he isn’t called prof. Hung for nothing

I believe in keeping it simple clomiphene and nolvadex work.
Your going to lose weight no matter what it depends upon how much muscle you gain during your cycle. The water and fat eventually will come off as long as you keep working out.
There’s no way to keep what isn’t there to begin with the muscle mass you gained in your cycle is all you can keep brother.


I was not gifted there by the gods, have to make up for it from the biceps… No just ways you all approach keeping size when coming off cycle and if osterine is a bad Idea during PCT.

Thank you for the advice, I am just going to keep the calories up and try to lift as heavy as possible.

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I use outlaws numbers to the T for the 4 week cycle of PCT. I have never used HCG and have never had issues with my nads.

No sarms got it!

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