Pct protocol simple version

A normal conventional pct protocol is a combination of Clomiphene citrate and Tamoxifen Citrate
Or clomid and Nolvadex.
If you run a long ester cycle with enanthate or cypionate you would start 2wks after your last injection. If you were running a longer ester such as an undecanoate or a deconate you might want to wait 3wks or longer. If you’re running short esters like prop phenylpropionate or others usually 3-5 days later is the time you would start your pct depending on the ester and its half life.
If you have used hcg then you have a head start but either way you will need a minimum of 42 Clomiphene 50mgs and 42 Nolvadex 20mgs.
Some use more depending on the cycle and how hard your system is shutdown.
The dosing schedule should look like this
Wk1 clomiphene 100mgs/Nolvadex 40mgs
Wk2 100/40
Wk3 50/20
Wk4 50/20

This protocol will bring back 90% of aas users from there cycle. I reccomend blood work to show everything is back to normal. If its still off you can try some hcg and another round of Clomiphene at 50mgs for 4wks.
If there are serious problems with your blood work i reccomend going to your doctor and having him bring your levels back.

You also have to remember that your pct is probably the most important part of your cycle besides your diet. I reccomend always using pharma grade products for your pct or a reputable lab. Never trust your pct to a research chemical company.


4yrs later and this is still the reccomended pct protocol


I see people post all over online that they’re out of gear and didn’t have the money to order PCT and are losing all the weight and strength they gained. I recommend if you cant afford everything order your PCT, then save and order your gear later.


That’s exactly right
If you can’t do it right just wait until you can and its just safer than throwing your health into the wind and possibly having some really bad side effects.

Plus your risking everything

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Would I be able to get away with just HCG, Adex, and nolva? I’m did test e cycle. I have the clomid but I heard some bad side effects that’s why I’m wondering

Is running both Nolva and Clomid recommended for all cycles or just ones where multiple compounds have been stacked? Is taking Nolva for four weeks at 25mg enough to recover when only running a test cycle?

When you say it will bring back 90% of users from a cycle, what does that entail? Does it mean 10% will be on TRT for life?

I’m currently on a test e only cycle at 500 per week and planning on only running four weeks of 25mg of nolva which is why I ask. I am currently on week 6 and I still have time make any other purchases if necessary. Once my cycle is complete, how long should I wait to get bloods done to see where I am at?

Run both

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You should run both, at the mentioned levels. I’ve never seen anyone say 25mg of nolva will bring you back.

Nolva alone will notjump start your natural testosterone. Clomid is added to stimulate your natural production, much similar to HCG.

I am worried you are trying to take short cuts, and the pct of all things is not the place for
This. Your cycle will have been for nothing if you do not pct effectively.


Definitely do not want to take shortcuts. I’ll place an order for the clomid and do this protocol. Also, I was planning on running the test e for 10 weeks, however, somehow I ended up going through 1 vial 3 or 4 shots before I was supposed to. I was thinking about buying another vial and running it until that one runs out extending my cycle a few weeks. Bad idea or is that okay?

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Proper PCT is key brother! As we say take care of your body and your body will take care of you!


Yep this upcoming one will probably be my last pct then it’s cruise time


As long as your lab work is good, I don’t see why not.


I agree with all of the above and nothing is wrong with a standard 16 weeks on just test alone. All the best and stay safe!


In your opinion, I’m running 300 mgs of sus and 25 mgs of anavar, have everything for my pct, nolvadex clomid and hcg, but would running 250ius 2xs a week suffice? And would I only run it for 2 week? Probably don’t need it since the cycle I’m running is babyish, still shutting the fuck down and don’t want to accidentally castrate myself pinning hcg in the wrong way if that’s possible, I’ve read thousands of opinions just need a direct opinion, like would 500ius a week do anything for a pct? I’m 26 if age is a factor, I know our age group is looked down upon and obviously for good reasons, but I accepted the cons with the pros so would just love some direct feedback on my current situation :pray: thank you

I wouldn’t have even added hcg in this cycle if you want to use it you can 10wks 500iu a wk split 2x a week for the last 10wk right until you start pct the next day.

Your running sust at 300mgs your 26 your going to shutdown your system. Have you gotten blood work to see your natural levels because 300mg of Sustanon might give you 1500 test levels if you’re lucky. That’s basically what a man your age levels are probably very close to so you will be running what basically is a just above trt cycle with Anavar. Risk vs reward I don’t see but its your choice I hope that you do blood work and have a really good diet plan.


Would doing the 500iu a week on cycle aid me on my pct? What would your recommendation on using the hcg for my pct with the clomid and nolvadex?

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Hcg does aid in pct.

What exactly do you mean by this like dosing schedule or should you use all 3 compounds?

Because I’ve read a lot about hcg being used as pct, a lot of guys say you MUST have it to come back, so my question was just the protocol if I were to use hcg for pct, would I be taking the nolvadex and clomid with it or run the hcg first then use the orals, the hcg topic is very confusing lol

Hcg can not replace nolvadex and clomiphene during pct. There are infinite ways to use hcg the protocol I said is just the one I use but pct is clomiphene and nolvadex. Especially first cycle just watch for side effects and research how they work. This way you will understand your pct.