Pct protocol simple version

Something I wrote along time ago

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Appreciate it, hope I’m not sounding redundant on the pct topic, I’m very familiar with the nolvadex and clomid, I’ve just read a lot of guys using hcg for pct but run it for about 2 weeks before taking the clo/nolva, saying you need to use it to turn your balls back on, but in your opinion you don’t, I know I’ll be all good with the nolvadex and clomid just maybe want to see what hcg was about but will probably just run the 250iu 2x a week for 10w already have it so might as well, appreciate the feedback

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There’s so many different ways to run hcg you really just have to research and choose which way you want to use

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Your definitely not the first person to not understand hcg. There’s so much bs surrounding it that you can’t really get good information or know what is good information.

2 ways ive used hcg blast which is the 2wks between last shot and pct. 2500iu 5 days later 1500iu 5 days later 1000iu then you start pct the next day.

10 wk during cycle
Last 10wks of cycle right up until the day before pct. 500iu per wk split 250iu. If running testosterone 10 wks start hcg wk 3-12.

Im always here to help but research is key to understanding