Pharma grade hgh

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What really is pharma grade hgh. Most people would say its a licensed company that makes hgh but in my mind almost all hgh is actually pharma grade because the molecule is so fragile and takes so much to make. I mean were talking about millions of dollars worth of equipment. So what are the differences between the real pharma grade hgh and the generic pharma grade hgh then the garbage hgh.

  1. you have what is true somatotropin 191aa the aa stands for amino acids which are the 191 amino acid protien chain which is the building blocks of life and the ingredients that make up true hgh. These proteins are rhgh or recombinant human growth hormone. They are synthesized from bacteria that grows to form the chain. This is where the difference comes in between good hgh and bad hgh.

  2. The bacteria that is in the amino acids enters the body and the less refined bacteria by the muti million dollar machines we were talking about your body actually builds an immunity to it. So the best hgh im not going to name the brand but its very hard to get and is expensive but is worth it if you plan to run hgh for a long period of time. Which hgh shouldn’t be ran for less than 6 months you can but you can use your money for better compounds. So this brand your body won’t build an immunity to for around a year and a half but even then you can still use it and get results.

  3. This hgh is still what I consider pharma grade but i call it generic pharma grade because it still takes those multi million dollar machines but they don’t refine it as well and this causes the bacteria to be stronger and your body builds an immunity faster. These are usually your fake brand name hgh and good quality companies that produce hgh in high quality facilities. Your body starts to build its immunity as fast as 6 months maybe sooner depending on the quality.

  4. This hgh is the dangerous hgh that I would say stay away from. Its usually extremely cheap and thats how they get you to buy it because it tests at higher levels then some other hgh. This hgh is 192aa it has horrible side effects and isn’t quality at all. Most of this comes from the colored tops that don’t have a company name connected to them. There usually really cheap and test very high. This is smoke and mirrors don’t fall for it you will get a month or 2 out of it then your body will build its immunity and even worse the side effects are usually permanent even at low doses. Always make sure you ask your supplier if what they are providing is 192aa.

These are some tips on how to shop for hgh and honestly there is so much more on this subject i could go all night writing information but if you have any questions on where to get the top brands how to tell if there real and good companies that supply hgh they produce just send me a pm id love to help.

Great info. I have never used hgh but I Have been thinking about it. Thanks for the explanation.

Great write up @Bigmurph

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@RX have you seen this @Topdog22

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@Bigmurph on the studies you saw what does it say about 191aa? I’ve seen where this is a big debate. My GH is 191aa and I’ve seen the labs go back it. I know for me personally it works phenomenal. I had planters fasciitis real bad in both feet after about a month to month and half completely gone and no pain. Also I site inject my GH and my muscles are taking on a totally different look. I would love to heard others thoughts.

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Everything I have read is that pharma grade hgh the 191aa which is real somatisam I think I spelled that right. But real pharma grade would be gen-sci or something of that level the body won’t build an immunity to the hgh. Other pharma grade products like hyge are mostly counterfeit because they closed the factory but are still 191aa. Which as long as its 191aa you’reg2g but the 192aa is where you get really bad sides even site inj irritation. I would definitely stick with the 191aa as long as its real 191aa and labs show good numbers its good to run. If you get 192aa you’re asking for alot of problems no matter how much cheaper it is its sub par and not worth it. Also the body builds an immunity to 192aa in around 3 months or less so even if you run it 6 months it stopped working around 3 months or less. When it comes to hgh get the legit real deal pharma weather its Russian chinese or European its worth the extra money.

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I have used both pharma and ugl hgh in high doses. While both work, the bloating and water weight is drastically more on generics


I do agree with this @FTS. I get a lot more water retention on generics. I just recently started pharma grade sero this week so looking forward to seeing the difference between the 2.

Yeah when I was buying saizen at the pharmacy I had very little bloat. Felt great too.

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Man that saizen is the shit. I’ve never ran it but have heard great things on it.

I know a domestic guy with some pharma in the fridge :wink:

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