@pHD Nationals -great showing

@pHD Nationals -great showing

First off, this is based on pics only. Lightheavy class still looks like the judges will have more input at night. @PHD best conditioned in class. There is not a clear cut winner in this class, imo. He looks like the tallest in the top 5. As it stands from my position on the couch :sunglasses: and the way it looked moving the guys around, I think 3rd but with a bit more color and actually filling out more at night…it will be close. He’s complete so one or two guys with a shorter torso have a impressive pose or two. No matter what great work!


Thanks bro. Yea no one knows how Steve places us. I was in middle whole time till very end then they moved me and one guy around. Hopefully battling for 1st or 2nd but definitely top 3. Happy with everything and I’m drier and more full now


Fucking phenomenal job at this comp. Top 3 for sure. Will stay up all night till I see the results.


Outfuckingstanding @PHD and thanks for the update @rnmuscle…will be looking for updates.


Amazing, @PHD — I saw some pics and think the results are going to be very favorable. Epic hard work, paying off in spades!


I love the play by play wish you the best brother @PHD


awesome bro!!!

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Very nice :muscle: congrats

Excellent stuff brother! Pretty stacked line up too!

What’s the word ? Pro card?

Official placing was 3rd. I’m very happy with this as I’ve moved up 4 places from last year. Today John meadows and I will talk and go over a game plan for this offseason and for shows next year. Thank you everyone for all the support


Outfuckingstanding @PHD, and there’s only one direction to go from here.


Nice work PhD, congrats on placing top 3!

Congratulations .

Much respect brother and I really mean that you jumped up to 3rd. You put in the work and it shows.

Congratulations brother @PHD


Thanks bro I appreciate that

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Up and quads will continue to improve

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congrats bro!!

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Congrats man!

How in the fuck did you get placed 3rd? @PHD? Really? 2nd is just a big bloated smooth unsymmetrical looking cat and 1st has ZERO granular structure. Flat. Looks like he’s 2 weeks out. Should have been 1st in IMHO.

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