Phentermine for weight loss

Has anyone used this or know much about it? I have a family member who’s using it and swears by it for weight loss. I searched the site and didn’t find any posts. I don’t need it but I always like to learn.

My wife runs 30 or 60 days of it “pre beach season”… lol… it works, but just like anything else clean eating and cardio are essential. I don’t know of any UGLs selling it, she gets it from the “trophy wife” health clinic w/ her Botox … lol. But she is in shape year round…oddly enough it seems to reduce body fat everywhere, not simply in stubborn areas relatively quickly.


The wife says its a better version of ephedrine hcl. Atleast that’s what she compared it to but said it didn’t give her the sweats just the boost in energy but she didn’t like it because it threw off her sleep.
She did say that it works well though.
Ive personally never used it but to be honest im surprised that it isn’t used more often.
I guess because its really an American compound you don’t see it being sold overseas idk

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I’ve heard good things from the couple of people I know who have used it. I searched the interwebs and it seems hard to get a hold of without a script.

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I know for a fact that most of the online srcs are counterfeit or fake. I got taken by 2 different srcs because it is a hard compound to find. I was trying to get it for the wife because it is expensive to go to the dr and then get the script because insurance wouldn’t cover it.
Be careful about who you order from brother I just don’t want you to get taken like I did.

I was prescribed it some years ago… does it work… yeah… is it worth it… no… almost kills your appetite completely… results are temporary… because your weight comes back when you start eating like a normal fuggin person again. My script only cost $10 as long as i came in for my weigh ins.

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Was that with insurance?


@Bigmurph my wifes was $100 per 30, 37.5 mg tabs … no insurance accepted at her clinic. Regarding weight gain post usage …as per a previous post… eat shitty and you will gain weight back, just like any “weight loss” plan or drug. My wife’s weight only fluctuated 3-5 lbs throughout the year, eating clean. She loves running it with B12 shots 2 or 3 times a year… likes it way better then clen.

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This is about what I remember I believe it was like 150$ for us.

Damn that’s a really good price it was like 150$ a month for the wife if I remember correctly

It was probably 7 or 8 years ago when i lived at the beach. This doc had a sign up in his office that stated as long as you continued to drop so much weight it was only $10. I just wasnt a fan of it. I was in culinary school i had to eat lol.

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I don’t blame you I enjoy eating and im not a fan of keeping my bf% super low. Im probably at 15% right now but I was at 30+probably before I started to get myself back together about 5 years ago now

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