Playing inside the natural range of testosterone

Playing inside the natural range of testosterone

Good morning Muscle Heads, I wanted to ask some questions in regards to staying within the normal ranges of test (400-1k).

If your entry point is 400, and 1k is generally considered the upper end of the spectrum, what kind of mg dose would bring you closer to say 800-900? While maintaining a small buffer.

I do realize everyones different, I do realize not all 200test shots are equal… yada yada yada…

My question is primarily focusing on long strain E, as it compounds in the blood stream based on weekly or bi weekly injections, how many mg do you need?

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For me 180mg/wk of compound pharma TestC maintains my total t above 900 and under 1150… I inject on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. My TRT labs are drawn on Tuesday or Wednesday a.m.

I hope you find that useful.

@SemperFi, that is exactly what I am looking for. Should I understand that to be 90 @ 2x per week?


When I was I run 200 of my script I usually came back at 1000-1200 total test. Protocol was pinning mon am and Thursday pm then bloods drawn Monday am before pin (so 84 hours after pin at my trough).

So very similar to what @SemperFi told you.

@Fitraver, is that 100 each time or 200 each time?

100 each time, 200 total (sorry should have clarified that)

Do you know what your base number was? @Fitraver @SemperFi

Lol… my nuts were nuked years ago. Before TRT my total t was 119ng/dL and my estrogen was so low it would not register even with E2 sensitive assay. I was not a man or a women.

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Mine was like 79 I believe.

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