Playing with the dark theme. What do you guys think?

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Dark or back to light? I can still change the dark a little. @Bigmurph @eternick170 @Muscle95 @KodiakGrrl @Kunt

The mobile design is much cleaner imo.

I like it but I almost thought was gone lol

Lol I was doing some updates to it earlier. Going to change out the banner, do some other add ons and testing a few things today.

I like this app on my phone its very convenient

Opened UGM on my laptop and thought I had gone to the wrong website haha!
I’m liking the dark theme!

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The dark theme is a relief on the eyes; thank you. For those of us who spend the majority of the work day in front of a computer, we appreciate your thinking of our sight.

I don’t wanna go off topic, but my suggestion would be to tone down the banners. They are reminiscent of 90’s AOL websites :laughing:. Also, the UGMuscle logo should take precedence of the top of the front page (because it is the most important aspect to highlight). Why make it 1/2 in. x 1/2 in.?

True. yeah I was thinking about the banners and a way to rearrange the main page. I will probably try something different tomorrow. Theres a new module out that should allow me to rearrange the main page better. And still keep the flow nice

Oh, and before I forget: you should utilize the banners/ads on the mobile version app. Generate more revenue that way, plus it is kinda the standard norm for this generation.

Yeah Im going to have to put the mobile ads in manually. TBH I got rid of google ads because I dont make shit from them really. However sponsor ads get alot more clickthrus then google ads do. but I’ll have to manually place those banners in the mobile version. I figured Id clean up the google ads and make room for other things and see how it works out.

I agree with what @eternick170 stated: optimizing the mobile ads would boost some extra cash. Glad to see that you have already figured out what works and what doesn’t instead of just leaving it as is. Let the community know if you need anyone to test anything or if you have some beta’s you got in the shop to experiment on. We are here to help!

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