Please help with some info about anabolic steroids and protectors

…sorry forgot: why are you mentioning estrogen ??? never took anything else besides test

500 is a supraphysiological dose. (Above what’s normal for your body) which is where you will run into trouble long term.

First things first. You need labs ASAP. ASAP. ASAP.
Some test will convert to estrogen and cause lots of problems, in guessing it’s high and if high enough you’re talking blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

We here at UGM preach harm reduction and safety. So I’m going to shoot you straight. If you don’t know you need to monitor estrogen when taking 500mg of test a week, you don’t know NEAR enough to be taking test. You need to drop your dose. Now, in my opinion. You need to get blood work done. You need to get off test, PCT if you can. And you need to spend several months learning a lot more than what you know. You are putting yourself at a serious health risk.


never done blood test. not even sure what to check in there.I m 47, 185 cm, 92 kg, and I want to bulk up faster . I have stopped test for now 6 weeks and tell you: I m shrinking by the day !

Because you didn’t do anything to re start your natural production. You need a CMP, CBC, test, estrogen.

Depending on your state, you can order them yourself and go get them done. PrivateMDlabs dot com.

You need to not even think about touching gear again until you know a lot more, use the magnifying glass to search what you want to know.

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yes I did. I started out of curiosity and desperation as at my age (47 y.o, full time work, kid and parents to look after ) putting on muscle was a real challenge . In less than 6 months this stuff transformed me! I realised later on that there was a price to pay for it…I want to understand now ’ what’s next’


And you should get a psa level tested.

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Brother you’ve gotten great advice already.

All I’m going to say is you’re at an age where there might not be a point of return. This stuff will/can mess you up real bad.


Probably wouldn’t hurt to donate blood either…thin it out some. That’ll help clean you up.

Sorry if that was already mentioned.

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Ok brother.

I just reread this thread for the 3rd time.

Let’s try and get you straight.

First thing is drop your dose to 200mg a week as stated by @NeuroRN

Do you have a family doctor you’ve been seeing regularly?

Do you have health insurance?

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You just getting off work?

Yessir. Done with my three, not back until Tuesday!


Whoop whoop!

Crazy hours

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Welcome to ugm. You can’t just stop test after taking as long as you have. Need to do post cycle therapy asap.


He’s taken [email protected] for 6 months at 47 years old with zero ancillaries… I’m thinking he’s shut down hard maybe for good.


I get the feeling he is out of country



Guessing by name and metric maybe Italy


New york?

And I thought I didn’t do enough research before I started out,he seems to have done none,or gotten terrible advice, I also dont think hes gonna put most the knowledge you guys are giving him to use, however @Angelo_47 you did come to the right place,keep asking questions and use the know these seasoned guys are giving you.