PNWMUSCLE 2021 Spring Log

Going to give the logging a try. I’m not a big fan of attention or spotlight so this is a bit out of my comfort zone having something all about me, so bear with me haha. Basically wanted to start this log for accountability but also to hopefully to inspire others who may be new. This first post is going to be a general overview, then I’ll log day to day with training, diet, weight loss progress.

Goal for the cycle, cut weight. About 4 weeks in of 12. Currently weighed in this morning at 233, cheated over the weekend so holding water and bloated lol.

Test C- 180mg per week
Mast P- 240mg per week
Tren A- 200 mg per week
(Was running 50mg a day of Anavar, but just dropped that. Just a kickstarter)

Injects are all evenly spread out over 4 days a week: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Training: Push, Pull, Legs. Train 6 days a week so frequency per muscle group is 2x per week. I’ll post my routine day to day. This is my favorite split for balancing frequency and intensity.

Cardio I do 40 min on stationary bike in morning. Very low intensity. Also do 30 min low intensity on treadmill in afternoon. My heart rate never elevates, I basically just do this to get some movement in as I’m now at a desk all day.

Diet: Target calories: 1840. Protein: 207, Carbs: 161, Fat: 41. Basically for me as long as I hit my calorie and protein goal, I could care less about amount of fat and carbs. I’m pretty flexible with those.

Additional supplementation:
Men’s multivitamin
10,000iu vitamin d
P5P 200mg a day
Low dose aspirin
Fish oil

At night:
5mg thc gummy
5mg melatonin

Sleep schedule: up at 430 for cardio, bed at 830ish.

Anyways, I feel like that’s a good base of what I got going on. Any questions, concerns, advice are always welcome. I look forward to sharing with you all and will have a crazy transformation to share when this is all over :+1:


5/3/2021- 233lbs

430am cardio for 40 mins

Cals for the day 1844 204p/144c/49f

Training today was push:
Pec deck (preactivation movement for chest) 4 sets 15-25 reps.
Incline press- 4 sets 8-12 reps
Shoulder press- 4 sets 8-12 reps
Cable side lateral raise- 4 sets 12-15 reps
Cable flies- 4 sets 12-15 reps
Tricep pushdown- 3 sets 8-12 reps
Single arm extension- 3 sets 8-12 reps

30 min of treadmill to cap it all off.


This looks a lot like what I’m doing. I assume you’re cutting. Just curious how is low dose tren treating you. It’s an intriguing idea. Any insomnia?

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P.s. following.

It’s been great man, I feel really good. I told myself if sides aren’t bad, I would up dose. Have had minimal sides but results have been great so I see no need to bump up given how good things are. No insomnia, but I’ve always taken thc and melatonin before bed so I never have issues. Only sides I have is getting out of breath, minor sweating, and heart burn. All very minor.

That’s great bro. Minimal effective dose makes a lot of sense. I do gummies and melatonin as well. I’ve had insomnia my whole life so the tren is pretty much off limits. I’m glad it’s working out for you.

Ah that’s a bummer about the insomnia man that makes everything difficult

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Another log!!! Cool!!!

Following brother!!

What’s your target body weight brother?

Target weight has been tough for me to determine. Probably 210. Thing is my body has been recomping. I see more definition but sometimes weight doesn’t move much if any

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You know the drill. Stay away from the scales.

You’re hitting the gym hard so the scales are not going to be a good indicator of your progress.

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Keep it up buddy! I agree with poppy, stay away from the scale. Stick to the plan, hit it hard. I think hitting a goal weight isn’t a helpful goal. You’re body will land whenever it lands in terms of actual weight. Keep on!


This sounds silly but i had a chance to casually interact with a nutritionist that catered to professional athletes including bodybuilders.

He said a very good indicator is your favorite tshirt and jeans. The ones you always wear. You’ll definitely know when you’re filling them out in the right places and when they’re loose in the right places.


Appreciate all the advice guys :+1:

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I’m glad you started a log.

Figured it would be a good way to contribute more. Not really in my comfort zone but about time I broke out of that too.


I hear ya. My log is the first for me also… matter of fact this is my first forum ive joined outside of a quit dipping forum almost 18 years ago.

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Yeah this is the only forum I belong to as well. I’ve glanced at others but oh man I think they’re just full of 13-14 year olds really haha. This is a great place with people with good common sense.


So true. The way clothes fit is a great indicator of progress, much better than that fucking scale (which is always wrong by the way, and muscle weighs more than fat, and [insert additional excuses here]).


Always be uncomfortable.

–David Goggins

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