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This is an election year and alot going on in the US. People have strong viewpoints and most social media is swinging left and censoring anyone speaking on the right. If you have something political then post it to anything goes category. If any user doesnt want to see it then unwatch that category. It wont show up in your latest topics anymore.

Right now we have the democrats and “BLM” fake ass organization that is nothing but a fundraiser for the democrats tearing up the nation. Thats a fucking fact that no one can deny is happening. Feel free to post what you want but keep the category in right place. I wont stand for someone being censored here over having conservative beliefs or being a Trump supporter.


Hell yeah


Hell to naw naw to the naw naw


C’mon man, wakeup


Im a trump supporter but I want everyone to know you can support anyone if you’re for Biden you can say so but remember we have to act like adults if you don’t like what’s being said then leave the conversation. You can say your point but if you start fighting back and forth than I will be giving you some time to think about what you did and possibly depending upon what actually happens I might have to be the bad guy and show someone the door I don’t want to do that but whoever you support is fine everyone can be themselves but if you’re a Trump supporter don’t go after a Biden supporter. If you’re a Biden supporter don’t go after a Trump supporter.
If you see a conversation happening and you can’t control yourself because of your tren or rage I won’t take excuses so please everyone act like adults just like you would speaking about anything else on the site.


Thanks everyone for reading


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100% Trump supporter! Not sure how anyone could think that what is happening in this country is a positive and both the republicans and democrats that are silent or worse, supportive are clearly complicit in trying to destroy America. I don’t for one second believe the polls… goto anywhere in this country between the coasts and you’ll see the broadest and deepest support for Trump that I’ve seen for any candidate in my lifetime. Now that I’ve posted this, I’ll wait for the mob to knock on my door…:slight_smile:


I think there are tons of people who dislike trump, and the way he carries himself especially on social media.

However, there are more people who support Trump. I see him getting re-elected specifically due to the electoral vote.

From there his son will run for office in 2024 and most likely win as well.

The democrats just don’t have anyone that can stand toe to toe with Donald.

I thought Bloomberg, would give him a run for his money as he’s successful, a billionaire, and did a lot for NY.

Man that guy got ROASTED in the debate.

I think Donald, gets re-elected but Biden, will have a great amount of support during his run.


Theres plenty of people out there but on social media you have alot that are not even US citizens against him. Then you have some stupid far left democrats that want socialism and communism and will vote democrat no matter what.

There is a huge chance Trump can lose the election right now. Because moderate democrats don’t blame the democrat city leaders for the riots they blame the government for not stopping them. Ive talked to several that are pissed at the local democrats and more pissed that Trump wont send in the military to protect them. He would have won their support had he done it.

But their argument now is they know the Trump govt will say they don’t support it but also wont protect the people. So why not give Biden a shot to stop it is their argument. Even republicans that supported Trump are questioning why this is still going on.

I think it was big mistake not taking action. While republicans and democrats are pissed no action is being taken it may cause some of them to just not vote.

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Yeah I hear the same things here in reality though trump is giving the power to the states to control what happens in the state instead of forcing the federal govt down on them I think they idea was to let the people see what they voted for and reap what you do but he hasn’t really said anything too that effect but how do you send the military against the people without throwing up a big red flag regardless if they are acting retarded or not that’s the beauty of America freedom of choice not stomp out protests with military like China


Yeah he was trying to put it on state govt but you don’t allow anarchy and riots to occur. They are still US citizens living in those areas and getting killed. They have the right to peaceful protest and once they step outside that right they can and need to be stopped.

Protests are not riots. The riots and attacking people took it too far.


I agree with you the amendment specifically says peacefully protest

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I love this lol


I agree with those sentiments. They took the shit waaayyyy to far.

I’m also on the fence about military personnel being brought in to calm fuckers down.

A’lot of military personnel didn’t want any part of that.

Just as General Mark Milley, stated he shouldn’t have been in the photo with Donald at the church.

But yeah, I do see Trump, getting re-elected.

So this is my first time using this forum via desk-top, as Im usually on the mobile device. It looks very good via desk-top. :+1:

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