Poor Mans Alfredo Chicken | A Tack Recipe

This is one of my easy, cheap and quick recipes.

6x Servings
Per Serving:

Calories    469
Fat         10g     9%
Carbs       53g    52%
Protein     40g    39%

Per Serving wo/butter:

Calories    440
Fat          7g     6%
Carbs       53g    53%
Protein     40g    41%


  • 2 large chicken breasts (540g)
  • 1 cup 2% milk
  • 3 cups water
  • 2 tbsp butter* (optional)
  • 2 pack alfredo pasta**
  • 2 can peas & carrots
  • Chicken Spice mix, salt, pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, thyme.

**You can find this pasta where the instant mash is, or sometimes where the hamburger helpers/gravy powder packs are. You don’t have to use alfredo chicken, some of the other packs are really close in nutrition off by only 10-20 calories, I just find alfredo to be tollerable

In my typical fasion, I fillet the thick breasts.

With how simple this recipe is, I usually grill the chicken and cook the pasta at the same time. As soon as I start the stove for the milk/water, I’m laying the chicken on a hot grill.

I’m not doing anything special, just follow the directions on the back of the pasta package. Boil water, milk, butter* together, simmer with pasta.

There is only one change up, a few minutes after adding the pasta, add the peas & carrots (drained), stir in, and continue to simmer. If you like a bit of spice, add some black pepper at this stage.

Depending on how good your grill is, your chicken might be done by now, check up on it.

Stir the pasta occasionally, after a few minutes of simmering, take the pasta off heat, the sauce will thicken when it cools. It will be easier to portion the longer you let it cool. If your chicken is still on the grill, it should be done by now.

Once your pasta is reasonably thick, dice up your chicken, portion it out, mix the drippings in with the pasta.

Portion your pasta, have right away, or store in a fridge or freezer, to reheat in a microwave later.


Looks good, but those pasta sides have to much sodium for me


Yikes. 1400 mg of sodium per pouch. Probably taste amazing.


When I eat stuff with alot of sodium i get up the next day looking like the micheline man. Eyes swelled almost shut and fingers ate swelled where as i can’t hardly bend them.


Haha you should see these heart failure patients try to lie to us and say they have been sticking to their 1500mg a day sodium diet. “Mam, your foot is spilling out 3 inches over the side of your shoe. Don’t lie.”



My occasional treat is NY style supreme large pizza pie from one of our local joints.

The next morning I’m swollen! Don’t know sodium content but I’m sure it’s off the charts.

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That brings bacl Al Bundy memories of him in his shoe store. Hahaha

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540 grams of chicken divided by 6 meals is only 90 grams of chicken. Is that right? It’s a little over 3 oz. doesn’t seem like much


It’s not much at all, for me though I’m really watching my calories and fat, as I’m cutting right now. And I’m also portioning these meals in such a way that I can also have a granola bar, oatmeal, protein shake, or fruit with it.

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Yeah it’s a bit on the high side, but keep in mind, that’s 1 pack divided into 3 portions. I definitely don’t recommend having the whole pack in one sitting. Even though I’ve done so before lol.

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My next recipe will not have as much, no worries.


If sodium is still low on my bloods I may look into this


Ha ha, well @Tack dont do it for me,I will still like you and your sodium.


Ha ha, dam liars


@Tack now that makes sense.


Im jealous of your indoor grill ive been looking at them recently.

Great recipe except for those on cycle trying not to hold alot of water or raise bp the sodium levels in the powder is really high I believe

If it works for you it looks amazing

To make Alfredo from scratch is just as easy brother

Heat pan add butter and garlic
Add cream slowly and wisk in
Then add good parmesean cheese grated so it will melt quickly still continuously mixing you have to watch the temperature so that the sauce doesn’t break meaning that the butter separates from the cream and cheese

I don’t know the macros like you have but I imagine that there better off when made fresh but I also understand how much time everything takes and food prep you want to get done fast but I would stay away from the processed stuff as much as possible.

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I’m just trying to limit my fat intake, and these packs turn into less fat overall from a regular Alfredo. Maybe after 20wks I’ll do a bunch of “dirty bulk” recipes and show off my skills inducing diabetic comas.

I have two better recipes coming soon though, burrito bowl (made with beef), and a chicken/potatoes dish.

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I didn’t know this actually I learn new things all the time at ugmuscle

I look forward to the recipes coming up

I tried a dirty bulk its not really worth it having to lose all that weight after the cycle :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I recently learned of it after seeing some sketch motivational bodybuilding videos on dirty bulks… And I was just like, this seems like a big troll. And after seeing results photos… It looks like it just makes you a bit more pudgy, why would I want to do that? It might have a bit more of a “dad bod” appeal, but that is the comment that made me run to the gym as fast as possible.

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