Popular Ukriane Powerlifter Gets in Street Confrontation

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So this is making the news. Especially in Russia. Ukraine blogger and Powerlifter was walking with his girlfriend at night when 3 guys were yelling at them and threatened them. One of the guys threatened to stab him so he confronted them.

His girlfriend apparently filmed it. Its not really that bad IMO and I’ve seen worse things in Ukriane. However on the media is now pushing the steroids aspect and reading social media comments is all the keyboard warriors talking about how badass they are compared to this guy and steroids and shit.

Just a few of the comments on the news feed

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Wow. Yea if you threaten to stab me and threaten my girl or family you have an ass kicking coming. I don’t care how big you are or if your skinny like these cats. Fact is they threatened them with a deadly weapon. @TrenGod

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Lol remember a few years back I had that bar fight in Ukraine. Same scenario with four guys wanted to fight me. For some reason there when a few drunks in a group they get brave and look at bodybuilders as a threat. I was the one with the knife tho and after I stabbed the first guy all the others took off and left him there. $50 to police and all was good. Love that place lol.

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Oh god I forgot about that. Yea that was crazy shit. I’ll never forget that text I got from you.

Those guys are lucky that they had a knife.
There all 150lbs soak and wet.
They should sell the knife and buy some food

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