Powerlifting, any tips?

Powerlifting, any tips?

Ok the guy that “hasn’t” been letting me into the gym is big into powerlifting, as such I’ve been kinda working out with him during this lockdown, tonight I’m doing overhead log lifts and tire flips, any of you guys ever tried it? Getting some standard bench in as well, but I’ve never really delved into powerlifting, but decided might be nice for a change of pace.
Any tips so I don’t look like a weak tit?

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first rule of powerlifting is leave the ego at the door. better to get solid reps than doing too much weight sacrificing form and risking injury. my two cents


What @paramexer said. I learned really fast to check myself when I started competing 20 years ago. Compete with yourself, don’t try to keep up with someone just because you think you can, it will lead to injury fast.

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Good point, sometimes I get competitive, I normally lift alone and when I lift with others, well, it’s hard taking weight off what someone else is doing, but I will heed the advice, it’s always good to be reminded.

Kinda excited to try something new after so many years of various “bodybuilding” type training programs.

it’s great working towards something. you set goals different in powerlifting. try to make a goal for each lift for a 10 week period. then switch to front squats, sumo deadlifts and close grip bench for 10 weeks. little tweaks make you strong it just takes time


Thanks man, there’s a little strongman contest guys at the gym have been bugging me to enter in July in our little town, so thought I’d train for it and do it, give me something to work towards ya know. Been a long time since I had an actual competition to train for.

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That was what I liked about using the conjugate method over any other strength building, you were encouraged to use different lifts than just the big three, then 10 weeks out from a meet I would run the cube that way I was peaking on the big 3 right in time to crush some shit! Now that I’m almost healed, when the gyms open up again, I’ll be putting my million dollar hip through a 12 week conjugate cycle… I can’t wait

Sounds more strong man than powerlifting.

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Ya I guess it is more strongman, than powerlifting right now as they are getting ready for a competition if it still takes place in June.

dude strongman would be awesome to do even just for fun (while giving it hell) as a beginner. but you can train full body just to be ready for anything. if i signed up for strongman i would walk laps doing farmers carry then a lap of lunges. shit might be fun to train for. i’ve been looking for some motivation to train if you want to log it

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I will log it, farmers carry is next week did log last night, did ok, got 195 for 3 reps. Not bad for my first time, doing stones again tonight then tire flips tomorrow.

Any tips on how to train the rest of my body during my strongman prep would be appreciated!!!

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