Prim-oh oh oh running

Hello friends,

Gearing up from a go with the notorious DHB.

Not sure of my exact start date but wanted to get some feedback before jumping in.

I’m planning on 12 weeks:

Test E: 350-400mg M/Th
DHB: 50mg daily
-1:1 ratio with MCT oil to cut the infamous PIP
Proviron: 50mg am/pm split
HGH: 4iu M-F (pending labs to see if prolactin is within normal limits)
Hcg: 250 twice a week.

Depending on how I’m feeling, may add mast at the end of the cycle for a bit.

I’ll cruise at the end of this. But as always, I will have nolva clomid and hcg on hand for a PCT should an emergency arise.

Anyone who has actually been able to run DHB, what dose did you run? What would you have done differently with your cycle?

This cycle I’ll be following RP’s physique template 4 days a week. 5th day will be whatever needs some catch-up work as the cycle carries on.

Thanks for reading.


I look forward to how you feel about dhb

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I’ve heard good things. It’s not super popular with our guys, so I had to find some other logs, but it sounds like it’s a fun one if you can stand the PIP.

Hopefully the 1:1 with MCT will help.

I hope that it works out well for you and the cut with mct will work out well.

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I will be using and @GearChurch DHB for this cycle.


Why DHB? Just curious what your thought process is?

I love EQ. DHB is the reduced version of EQ. it’s something different, from what I’ve read if you can withstand the PIP it’s a tren-like experience without the sides. Very lean gains, very vascular. I enjoy staying lean, I’m not looking to get bloated in order to make the gains.


Good logic. When are you starting?

This is not true and I wrote a very long report on this with guidance from William llewellyn.

Dhb or 1test cyp is a prohormone compound that they added a cypionate ester to after the ban went into effect.

Its on the site somewhere and in that write up is the actual compound name behind the two brand names

Am I losing something in translation of metabolite of boldenone?

A reduced version may be my confusing wording… I mean a 5-alpha reduced version, which would make it a metabolite. Or is my information completely wrong? Which is always possible. I thought I got my info from your write up, but always possible I’m confused.

This is the one where I had help

So my wording is ambiguous. But I still don’t find what I’m saying as any different.

Yes, DHB is different than Boldenone/EQ. Yes, DHT is different than testosterone. DHT would be a chemically reduced, or metabolized version or maybe component of testosterone. DHB would be a chemically reduced, or metabolized version, or maybe component of boldenone/EQ.

Yes DHB is a prohormone with a cyp Ester, but it’s still a reduced or metabolized version of Boldenone.

Am I missing something?

Not sure. Need to get some labs done and see where stand health wise first!

Yeah trust me I was also this argument went on for about a week here about dhb being something to do with primo or boldenone which was what I always believed. Then we had people saying that it was bold cyp with other names completely wrong nothing to do with bold cyp.

The actual compound is

All the other names given to it are just brand names to try and market the product to the masses with a ton of misinformation.

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:joy::joy::joy: and here I am reading the result of the argument being ambiguous and making it happen again. No wonder you came in and said no.

@Rusty read Murph’s write up. It’s supposed to do good stuff like I like, without the tren side effects. Take away what you will from the write up! I’ll just refer anyone else with questions about DHB to the write up. :joy::joy: thanks @Bigmurph


No doubt brother im not always perfect with the scientific breakdowns but that’s why I had to get outside information from someone on that level including raw manufacturing companies and the man who wrote the book.

I look forward to hearing what real life experience you have with it though


I like the idea of a Tren like experience without the sides. The Tren experience I had was amazing transformation but the sides ugghhh!! I felt miserable.


I look forward to seeing how you respond to it, sounds like a good compound.


Yeah I don’t handle tren well! I’m excited to see how it goes. Hopefully the PIP will be manageable.

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Really wanna see your results. Especially with the pip reduction plan.

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