Primobolan,Rhimobolan, Methenolone Enanthate $$$

So I wanted to add a couple of links to some methenolone enanthate or primo/rhimo that the price is really good on. I would always think that a primo cycle was just so far out of my reach because of the cost.

This being the cheapest primo on the market and I tested it with a roidtest and it came out positive for methenolone enanthate.

This is another great choice for the cost and being 200mg/ml it really helps not having to inject 10 shots a wk. 8 100mg shots of primo and your 2 testosterone 125mg shots a wk or more.
Primobolan 200

This is an expensive version but geneza is probably the 2nd best ugl on the planet
GP Prima 100 (Primobolan)

Expensive but its pharma grade and I’ve seen people recieve it and it was legitimate no counterfeit
Rimobolan (ex. Primobolan Depot)

Alpha pharma a great brand the only thing about this one is it’s 100%EO as its carrier so if you have bad reaction to EO this one is not for you
Alphabolin vial. (Primobolan)

This is actually methenolone acetate the sometimes liquid version but usually a tab. This is the perfect form for a female who doesn’t want to inject. I don’t reccomend for a man because the cost gets very expensive for the dose that we require
Primo Tabs

Those are just some available primo/rhimo or methenolone enanthate that are going to be expensive compared to test but most other compounds like good decca or good mast even EQ which is similar in effects except for the safety of being able to take alot more methenolone safely because it will not thicken your blood like eq and doesn’t hold water like decca then masteron is straight dht and usually destroys your hair line but once im bald I will be using masteron for sure lol.
Primobolan is a dht derivative but actually becomes a dhb once in the body. Just like test will become dht primo becomes dhb. It has to do with the alpha-5 reduce. I honestly don’t know the exact science but its a well documented trait of methenolone.
Enjoy ladies and gentlemen

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Thanks for this thread primo is my favorite ,I make my own when I can but buy it premade if price is wright and trustworthy

Anabolic lab just released new testing on a couple of different brands. Everything checked out pretty good.

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