Primo's Iron Junkie Labs test e 300mgs var 50mg cycle Iron Junkie Labs

Primo's Iron Junkie Labs test e 300mgs var 50mg cycle Iron Junkie Labs

Im going to wait until Monday to inj my first shot of the Iron Junkie Labs test e 300mgs. I just wanted to get my cycle log going.

My diet is a simple high protein high carb decent fats diet. Im going to be bulking on this.
I know bulking with anavar sounds stupid but in all honesty I really enjoy using var to bulk because the test of course does the job but the var helps me gain lean muscle mass nothing like adrol but I usually keep a really solid amount and ever since my first run with var its the only oral I want to use on occasion I will use tbol if funds are tight.
I have only ran high or what I consider high doses once I ran a sust cycle at 750mgs only and I hated it. I felt really lathergic and my estro was all over the place. I decided to always just keep my test at 500mgs or lower. Preferably lower and use var or tbol.
I like to keep a lean look I know that most guys want to be 225-230 but Im at 196lbs and 13%bf full abs and I keep all my lines.
I lift intermediate im not going to max out and try to be the strongest. I go into the gym with a different attitude of good form and as much weight as needed to keep growing. I basically just don’t try to push it until I break lol
My workout is a 4 day split I do cardio for 30min as my warmup and I rotate arms,back shoulders,legs,chest, my 5th day is a core and whatever I feel needs work. If I think that a muscle is lacking I will keep hitting it that 5th day while doing cardio and focusing on my core.
Im also into mixing it up im always changing my lifts. I really believe in what they call muscle confusion I just call not doing the same boring workout week after week lol

I guess I will be back on cycle Monday I can’t wait to feel those var pumps.

@Iron_Junkie_Labs I really appreciate the opportunity to use your gear.


Cool! looking forward to this!

Good overall outlook. Do what works for you. I remember being tired most of my adult life from taking too much sauce😋, just kidding but it’s good to go with what’s good for you. I remember feeling literally guilty for not deadlifting the days" I was supposed to"

I’ve been reading your cycle log amazing.
I really enjoy it. I don’t think this one will be that good but I will definitely keep it updated

To much lol
Deadlifts what are those lol

I’m honestly more into putting in work in the gym i enjoy lifting so much it puts me in a good place and my job is a very high stress and very demanding. So being able to get in the gym put on my music and just kill it until I can’t anymore keeps me somewhat sain lol

I do enjoy just like most to run some aas here and there I’ve only run 5 cycles this will be #6 and the cycles have been spread out over 10yrs I actually did my first test cycle at 25. Not because that’s supposed to be the age to wait until but it just happened to be 25. I didn’t know anything then I went in completely blind. I didn’t even really enjoy it because I didn’t control my estro and I broke out with acne so bad I was miserable because my pct didn’t exist. Im lucky I didn’t end up with tits or my dick not working properly.
The only good thing I did that first cycle was i used pharmaceutical products.
I’ve learned a lot along the way just from working out with others taking aas and watching them.

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It’s Sunday so tomorrow I plan on taking my first injection. I thought since I have some time I would outline my cycle.
1-10 test e 150mgs mon and 150mgs Thursday
1-8 anavar 25mg 2x ed at the beginning i will be taking 50mgs pwo but im going to order more anavar from @Iron_Junkie_Labs at 25mgs a cap so I can split my doses. I have to say cata has been very helpful and the service has been great i appreciate that cata.
13-16 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
I only use Nolvadex during my pct im more about less is better. I actually have clomiphene and Nolvadex both pharmaceutical products by cipla so if my numbers don’t come back i will run a clomiphene run after the nolvadex run at 50/50/50/50 to make another attempt at getting my natural test levels back to a good number hopefully 400+ my baseline right now is 516 I believe was my last bloods it was awhile back.

My diet right now is
Cals 3000
These are guesstimates because as I stated earlier I eat a great diet i prep meals and if its not broken don’t try to fix it right.

Now that im going to bulk on cycle im going to raise my intake of course to
Cals 4000-5000
Once again guesstimates im going for but my meals from my past cycles get me at these numbers almost every day. I do have days I don’t meet these numbers but rarely.

My diet consists of all meats and I mean everything and anything that carries high protein and fats.
My carbs come from alot of greens and vegetables mixed with rice ,pasta which I add my protien to also and I eat 5 meals a day like this. I will take some pictures to show what my prep containers look like.
I will be prepping meals today of course to get going since im starting tomorrow.
One of my favorite bulking prepped meals is homemade chicken soup not the canned shit with all the sodium. Even if you get reduced sodium those cans of soup are horrible choice.
I start my chicken soup with chicken broth unsalted in a slow cooker with a whole chicken possibly 2 chickens but usually just one because I like to keep my prepped meals as fresh as possible.
Once the chicken is braised it only takes maybe 2hrs take it out of the broth and let cool. Take broth and strain out all the little bits floating around. Then when chicken is cool just pull all that soft great meat off.
I then add the chicken back into the broth and start the pasta i use egg noodles no yolk. Cook the pasta very aldonte or under cooked for my non Italians. Strain pasta let cool it will begin to stick take a little olive oil and pour on top mix it up this will prevent the pasta from becoming a brick.
Store chicken and broth with veggies added i personally like corn broccoli added you can definitely get creative.
Store pasta in another container. When you put together the chicken and pasta to prep your meals add seasoning I add alot of pepper and oregano some parsley also garlic and onions are always a great additives also.
You now have around 3-6lbs of chicken and pasta that is a great homemade soup without all the sodium and additives.
Eating this for 2 of your meals is convenient and gives you a ton of the carbs protien and fats you need to get in and still have 3 more meals.
I also will have 1 more prepped meal for the day I will share more recipes in the future.
So now I’ve gotten 3 out of 6 meals a day done. My breakfast or first meal is for me always eggs. I eat 8 whole eggs every morning usually scrambled and I add chives to give it flavor or I will leave out chives and use hot sauce. My favorite is taco bell fire sauce for my eggs i use franks for everything else. I also eat biscuits or toated bread with some honey added or I will put peanut butter on it some days I add whole wheat eggos and spread pb or Nutella as a nice treat but the Nutella is a rare treat.
Thats 4 meals my 5th is my dinner heavy protien either beef fish bird usually fish fresh caught salmon gets really expensive but is great with omega 3.
A trick i use is at my Walmart the salmon that goes bad the next day they discount heavily no one wants it but I do I just get it right in the freezer and defrost and cook gotta find the deals for all the food we eat.
My 6th meal is a meal that I eat all day I carry around a jar or plastic container when I can get it from a deli of real fresh ground peanuts no additives just peanuts in a blender or food processor. Every tablespoon carries 8g of protein so every time I put my spoon in im getting 8-10g of protein and some carbs also some fats from the peanut oil.
That’s enough for today im looking forward to injecting tomorrow and seeing if the test from @Iron_Junkie_Labs is smooth I will keep everyone updated


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Solid meal plan brother! Its all good :muscle:

Thanks im looking to get about 20lbs then cut back down keep around 10lbs and this cycle will make me happy thats the goal im thinking about possibly getting more 300 test e when I get the var so I can extend the cycle out to around 15wks but that depends on how it shoots and feels if its good im really considering it.+++ :wink:

I wanted to say that you and @Fitraver are great members for the logs you have kept i read through both in there entirety and I plan on using some of your workouts.
I also saw fitraver has some interesting foods posted that im interested in.
Great contributions from you both.

Its smooth going, flows well through a 25 gauge needle also i would recomend warming it up on a hot pan for a quick minute if you dont do so already :+1:

I throw a coffee mug in the microwave and heat up water then I stick the vial in the water to give it some warmth. I’ve never had a problem with pip. Only once when I injected a fast sust type blend it was tne prop and phenylpropionate. It was a ugl and I was going to try it as a pwo/ small 8wks cycle. 1 injection and I was down for around 2wks. I was using a heating pad every night in the shower with as hot as the water would go nothing helped but time. I believe that whoever brewed it really messed up the bb/ba mix or added something else. Im good with 100% eo products so it wasn’t that but it was a horrible experience.

Shit bro! I totally missed this log!! I’ll be here following now!!

Let’s see some starting pics!

Haha jk you don’t have to I just think it gives motivation and is a plus inligs!

I really do want to post a pic because I want to show from start to end but I have a bad past and all my art work is catalogued so if I posted a pic fully clothed with long sleeves it would still show my neck and hands. Im going to see if I can talk with murph or tren to see if there is a safe way that a guy like me can post a picture with all my ink. Im literally covered from the top of my neck all the way around my waste with really good work. I would love to show it off but because of my past and the pictures that le has I don’t believe that its safe for me to post a picture.
Unless someone knows a way to hide everything but still post a pic im open to it. I just want to be safe I don’t ever want to get locked up again ever.

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Safety first bro!! That’s sick tho. I wanna get my other sleeve done at some point.

That sounds more like they used to much BA. Ouch!

Something was definitely not right lol

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Yeah I love ink im mad that I don’t have anymore room left to get more.
I sometimes go to my guy and have him add more color or touch things up but thats about all I can do.
Im going to have to look back at your pic now to see what you have on your arm.


There’s probably not a great pic of it tbh. But I have a full wildlife sleeve that’s super solid work. I love it.

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I’m gonna finally do a v log , but damn, I remember when I had everything planned. I guess it really is in my head all these years, I have Liv 52 or a like, prostate, multi, Cal, mag, zinc, osteo fl3xx or like, agmantine, it’s like that Coleman video years ago with the huge 50 row container he took. I ve been surprised by some things that work.

If you’re going to do a vlog you should check out the contest @ETALAZE has going on right now

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