Process takes time don’t give up

Process takes time don’t give up

No matter what never give up on your dreams and goals. Sometimes it takes time to get there and we have set backs but it’s never going to be so bad that you just give up. Always strive to push forward and never give up on you!!


I don’t coach at the level you do but the same issues occur be it 35 year old men or 15 year old girls, everyone wants quick results and the “secret” ingredient. Mark Twight, a world famous Alpine climber and coach of very high level athletes, wrote a great article title “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. Basically he is saying there is no secret pill or ingredient to real fitness. Progress takes time and consistent actions. Day in Day out for years builds success. Gimick workouts and fad diets are shit compared to old school hard work and dedication.


Yes solid post

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Yup I agree bro. Hard work in the gym and following a nutritional plan is what gets you the results. People want to rely on gear to get them there and forget about hard work. As Seth Feroce says “it takes hard FUCKING WORK”


This is one of my favorite Seth Feroce vids


I know this is an older post but everyone should check out Mark Twights articles on the Gym Jones website if they’re still available. Make your hair stand on end


I’ve been in the gym for years this is the first year I’ve actually got my diet right. I’m in the best shape of my life with that one change. It wasn’t simple but definitely worth it.


Hell yes bro this is awesome. Thanks for sharing

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