Product received from GearChurch

Just a quick post about Gear Church. Quick response. Once payment was received (you have several choices) my product only took 3 days to arrive. Well packaged. No leaks. Bottle evenly filled. Tabs pressed and formed nicely. I tried the Cialis already and it’s no joke. I usually don’t use Cialis, but wanted to give it a try. Pure diamond cutter. :joy: damn shit hurt it was so hard. Repeatedly. Hope that’s not too much info. :joy: Here’s how it looked.
Edit: removed packaging ( go ahead and reupload the product just leave the packaging pic out.)


@Ldog. Great group here. Thanks.

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Looks really good


Oh yeah buddy looks good, feels great.

And if you look at it in the vacuum packed pic, it kind of looks like shells with no bullets.

I can see it but that would be a crazy caliber

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Ha ha yup, I’ve seen a couple big ones

Very solid in all catagories. I don’t know how others feel, but I am hesitant of showing any packing pics. Its up to the sponsor, and i’m sure its not any great revelation, especially nothing against @TBU. Its been ingrained (is that a word) not to give any help to the folks that might be inspecting our goods.


Lmfao the Cialis is insane the first day I took it my wife told me to let her know when I’m almost out of the bottle and she will buy me more :rofl: think she likes it more than me


No packaging pics please.

Welcome Home bro!!!

well said…no packaging pics please!

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Sorry. I was told no shipping packages as in what the carrier was. Who ever removed the pictures thanks. And sorry about that.


Your fine. I wanted to be be politically correct😇 I’ll never forget when I posted the stealth pics and toy lube pics in like 2013. Lost all my karma(hint, hint) and I got the most f- uped messages, i was embarrassed but then so pissed, if i was in a car i would of had some serious road rage. It didn’t stop for two days…i swore off all online posting, then came UGM!


Sponsor dependent on interior contents. That’s my fault. I said no pics with material of the carrier because that’s the forum rule.


No worries. Just didn’t want people to think I went rogue and started posting shit randomly. :joy:


You went rogue, whaaaat

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It’s no problem brother, I know you would have removed it if you knew so I just went ahead and removed it. Thanks for sharing your gear porn


Yeah @GearChurch is top notch. I’ll be sharing another story with them shortly. Great sponsor

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