Product review and update

Hey guys just want to give you an update, all my products from Alpha North Labs are great , potent and working well for me, the delivery is always on time and well packed I am currently on a year long cycle in a quest to go pro eventually my current cycle from Alpha is Sustanon, Test Cyp, test prop, dbol, T3, Clenbuterol, Growth Hormone (4-10 IU daily), Anavar, Arimidex and Deca Durabolin , I am super shredded right now , I’ve come down a bit in weight cause of the cutters went from 185-190 down to 175-180, but a lot more cut, anyways I continue working with alpha North because over the past year their products have always been great, and very professional . I competed 2 weeks ago in the light heavy weight division (198) where as before alpha north gear I was competing as a lightweight at 148 so that’s a quality 49 lbs I’ve gained since starting up with alpha , the have helped me reach my goals and continue to do so I would recommend Alpha to anyone.


Thanks for sharing, keep comin back.

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49 pounds is massive gains brother.

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Wonder how your blood work looks

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I think that every time he posts. T3, DBol, and Anavar for over a year… AST and ALT have to be high, lipids a disaster, TSH is probably zero, and T4 nil.

@cpurvis please tell me you have had bloodwork done. Preferably every three months with all that in your system. If you haven’t I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. 3, probably 4 of the compounds your taking shouldn’t be taken year round.


I know i run risky shit but yeah

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thank you for the kind feed back brother.

thats an incredible accomplishment. many moons ago i started when i was 135lbs soaken wet

got as high as 210 in my glory days. not trying to one up you. just saying how much my life changed with getting shit done and accomplishing more with my life than just being able to lift heavy lol

press on my man

when i get a requisition for blood test
what do you recommend i ask to have tested?

CMP, CBC, Hormone panel (test, estrogen)

If baseline first test, I say go big.

CMP, CBC, Hormone (test, estrogen, LH, etc), thyroid, prolactin, and PSA.

It’s as important to know baseline of where you’re starting as it is to know where you stand on cycle.

CMP- is a metabolic panel, will have liver and kidney function as well as electrolytes.


Good call @NeuroRN. Are you taking any liver support @cpurvis. Do you have liver support available @AlphaNorthLabs. Gluthanomine

no ive never heard of that
im gonna order some one amazon right now lol

when i google Gluthanomine
it just comes up glutamine

thank you


Several places to find it on the internet. It’s an antioxidant. Great liver aid.


Thanks for the correct spelling. I always mess up that one. Lol

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Probably won’t find it on Amazon. It’s injectable.

@Rusty you know I got your back.

Did you
Just reply to yourself lmao @NeuroRN you’ve got everyone back brother!! That why we love you so much. That’s not the estrogen talking either hahahahaha

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Looooool I sure as shit did. It’s like a follow up… or something like that! Love you too buddy!


Sounds like you guys need Adex kill that estro


It’s platonic. Don’t worry.

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