Project juice huge police bust in Canada

I was blown away when I saw this picture this was a really nice bust for the border services. They let themselves get really comfortable on the phone and got careless with text messages.

Be careful out there and stay safe


Wow that’s a good read… crazy!

That picture really got my attention lol


The picture on your thread is to small for me to see on my phone, but reading the article they have some crazy pics to

Theres several common things in all the busts thats sources fuck up.

Sources are texting or using unencrypted messengers.

They retain information from emails (usually in the busts its not secure).

People are sending money thru Western Union or MoneyGram in their own names.

They always think no one is watching them.

They always keep ridiculous amounts of cash at home.

This is why i think all sources should ONLY use services like Protonmail, and wickr/wire. I prefer wire over wickr but wickr has the timer built in to all messages.

They should also open overseas businesses to keep any money clean and in foriegn accounts. Lets say they put the money and washed it immediately thru a bar or club. Its a lesser amount then can be associated to them.

When alphabay was busted they were watching the guy with no job or investments spend hundreds of thousands on cars and places and govt was tracking him to see where he was getting his money from.

If they spent a little bit to keep themselves safe they probably would never have gotten busted.


Carelessness and laziness always leads to trouble! Cant ever be too safe especially when you are dealing in huge amounts of illegal drugs. Use your brain and cover your ass!

Ive know alot of sources of the years. Many are smart and many are not. Some are just plain cheap.

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Why does that not surprise me at all. Too cheap to keep your ass and others from a 6’x6’ cell. Assholes :exploding_head:

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Half of the customs agents will be ripped in about 10 weeks

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