Prolactin control- Preference?

Trying to get a general consensus on what you all prefer for prolactin control on 19-nors. Hear quite a few for caber, but damn it’s elusive or something. Hear some for Prami as well. And P5P here and there but question how effective it is.

Just curious on what you guys prefer, and why you prefer it over others. I see a lot of posting on 19-nor cycles on compounds but don’t come across what they’re running for prolactin with it.

Any help would be appreciated :+1:

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Caber. Easy to get. And I can dose it to needs. Doesn’t take much at all.


Agree with @TBU

I looked into prMi and haven’t found it so caber for me will see if I need it in few weeks. Have a bunch cause it’s my year Iof 19 nors

Caber has been tough for me to find. I’ll keep digging around though.

Heard people having to taper off caber. Does it cause some kind of dependency?

Appreciate the advice, got it :+1:

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Anybody try P5P? I hear it talked about but never seen any before and after bloodwork

That’s the slickest move I’ve seen in awhile

Don’t do that again everyone is responsible for themselves in that department you don’t want to get banned and I don’t want to ban you so don’t ever do that again

Don’t slickly ask where to get compounds either or you will dissapear also

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Ok man understood

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I’ve only used caber. I used .5mg per week on 450mg Tren E per week. Never had a single issue.

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