Proper ways to use hcg on cycle or blast before pct

Proper ways to use hcg on cycle or blast before pct

I noticed that there isn’t much information on pct here at ugm so I’ve decided to jump in and write up about different compounds that are used for pct and how to run hcg. I know there is probably more bioscience out there and has been probably one of the most debated compounds in the way to use it.
In my opinion and experience you really only have 2 ways. You have running hcg on cycle at 500iu a wk split 250iu 2x a wk. Now there are studies out there that show using hcg for long periods basically burns out the receptors and it starts to diminish the way the compound works. This is why I run 12-15wk cycles and I run my hcg for 8wks out of the cycle. I would start at wk 9-17 this will bring you right up to when you start your pct after taking a long ester cycle.

The second way which I believe isn’t as effective is to do a blast between the 2-3wks until you start pct.
Starting with as high as 5000iu then every 5 days taking another blast working down from 5000iu/2500iu/1000iu. This is just an example but you can start lower but I probably wouldn’t start any higher than 5000iu. The blast will raise your fsh and lh levels tricking your system into believing that its working then once the clomiphene and Nolvadex start working it should be a much easier recovery.

Somethings to watch for is your estrogen levels spiking this can definitely cause a case of gyno so be prepared especially with the blast method but even with the on cycle method a gyno scare can definitely happen. Have a good ai like aromasin or letrozole on hand always.

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