Proviron Bioavailability

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So i’ve been looking/shopping around for a source that has proviron.

As i was looking around, i saw someone mention that proviron has a bioavailability of 3-5%…
Does anyone know if this is true?
Do all oral steroids have a low % of bioavailability?

I don’t believe that Proviron is that low but yes without a doubt any oral has a lower bio because it has to pass through your liver most are methylated with a carbon atom to help go through or they wouldn’t make it and your body would push it out.
This is also what makes certain orals so toxic to your liver.
Certain orals like var, adrol ,dbol have recently been popular as injectables because of the demand for more of the product to enter the body without your body destroying it.
I believe that Proviron is actually much higher but I definitely could be wrong.

Thanks for the great answer!
Not sure why i always just assumed if we injested 50mg of anavar we’d be getting 50mg of anavar into our system.

Seems like people still see libido changes from taking 25-50mg proviron/ed so i’m sure the bio is higher than 3-5%… haha

I personally run 50mgs split I stopped because the primo is also a dht and I was getting horrible acne from so much.
I will always run Proviron when im not on another dht based compound its one of the best add ons to a cycle

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i sure see libido boost from just one tab.
that’s all i use it for.

i ran “pharma” proviron when i was working overseas
was running up to 100mg a day and didn’t really feel much of a difference so i stopped taking it and assumed it was just fake pharma provi.

I’ll be giving it a try again soon @ 50mg froma a ugl and go from there this time!

I have been reading alot about high doses of Proviron not really being needed I’ve always used 50mg split but I think im going to cut back next time I use it again and start with 25 split and see if I notice a difference.
I don’t notice any difference running more than 50mg

Totally cool subject, that I was/am able to keep continued education on. Like so many things we talk about, this is a complicated subject. Pharmacology is kinetics(what we are talking about) and dynamics basically. Kinetics what body and homeostatis does to drugs and dynamics is what drugs and interactions do to body. All sorts of formulas in kinetics is how the drug moves through absorption, excretion… Etc. Dynamics is half live, activity… So trying to keep it real simple anavar was at 2.5mgs because in a normal situation(key word) that drug passed unchanged and had better affinity then maybe ANADROL which was 50mgs. This is important with vanco or chemotherapy cancer agents where lethal dose is close to effective dose. I guess it could be a certain percentage absorption of proviron could be 4mg of 25, the rest excreted, binded. Everything is taken into effect… Age, enzyme concen. , weight, with food/without ad naseum. So what’s scary and why we need open and honest communication is what if I say compound A worked great at 500mgs a week. You have a addiction to grapefruit juice😊 grape fruit juice enhances absorption of compound A by 200%. You take 500mgs and get I’ll after every shot for three days… I’m an idiot don’t listen to him! 100mgs was ok but… And so we get bro science. But as numbers go up we tend to come out with the right amt over time.

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