Proviron-how to dose?

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What is the dosage and usage for Proviron? I’ve heard good things about it but never used it. Also, I’ve heard of people using 10mg or 5 mg a day of cialis to help control blood pressure. I see he offers cialis in 25mg capsules. How are you guys breaking it down to just take 5mg?

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I dose proviron at 50mg split ed and it seems to be the preferred dose but some take upto a 100mg a day.

The cialis low dose for blood flow or pressure I looked into it and im not sure if it really works.
I have heard many people talk about using it for this purpose

I dose proviron 50mg per day in the am.

So, another argument of whether or not to split orals. I stay in a state of confusion on oral recommendations.

Growing up back in my previous career, I worked the RX world and prescription medications that were dosed 2-3 times a day had a specific reason based on blood levels, therapeutics, results, etc., and here, most have stated and agree that breaking up orals throughout day have no difference in blood levels.

That leaves me extremely confused, because I thought that you treat immediate release orals like prescription and take them throughout day (i.e. VAR, Proviron, Motrin). But…After reading the case that PHD presents about it being useless, I am not sure what to do.

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I was in the same boat, and since I switched I don’t see any difference in gains or loss of gain or how my body processes it, I feel there is overall less heartburn running that way ad it’s obviously easier to remember to take them.


That makes sense with heartburn and remembering to take. I’m trying it once a day starting the 1st day of a new week, which is tomorrow, and see if I like it and/or notice anything different per what you and @PHD advised.

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The fact is that some orals definitely work better split through the day exp. Var,tbol, proviron. 3 that I when take split but I find it much better to take dbol, adrol, and many others as PWO.

Keeping levels stable is a great idea especially if that’s how the compound works better.
Im sure that you can think of multiple compounds that are actually beneficial to split through the day and others just taken mourning noon night.
There are many aas compounds that work in many different ways. This is why researching a compound you need to read multiple srcs information and try to find information from William Llewelly he is the one that actually wrote the book.
Anabolics 11th edition is available from @ROIDTEST if you’re interested in reading true information about the different compounds that are available on the market.

I agree with the anadrol pre workout but not splitting. I used to think the same way till meadows told me it’s useless splitting up your orals that when burr and I talked and he confirmed it because you know he digs in actual science of things and get technical. Speaks way above my knowledge. Sometime bro you can’t trust everything you read.

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I can’t find the exact pubmed I read for dosing orals but if you pay attention to steroids still prescribed for day to day medical use, like prednisone, you will find that they are taken in a high dose once a day. The idea of splitting orals multiple times a day for “maintaining peak blood levels” is often shared on the boards because they compare the half lives of pills to the half lives of esters in oil. Then they extrapolate that it must be the same. The only time you find studies on the prednisone being split is to aide in avoiding some side effects like feeling nauseaus, heart burn etc. Taking oral steroids PWO about half way through their half life, example would be anavar has a 9 hour half life so taking it 4 to 5 hours PWO will allow for the peak levels to be in your system through your work out and continue to work for a few hours post workout. This way of taking orals is used by many many pro’s and has been a staple in the community for years. The bro science way of splitting them only allows for a slight overlap in dosage and techncially only allows for the total dose taken to peak. That may sounds confusing so let me clear that up. If you plan to take say 60mg of anavar and you split it up to 30mg every 9 hours (the half life) then the peak levels of the oral daily is only 30mg a dose. By the time you go to sleep and wake again, the oral is out of your system and you’re starting over again.


I take Cialis on days I lift and my BP med on off days. The Cialis will lower my systolic blood pressure around 12pts lower putting me in the low 140s or high 130’s. This is regardless if I have been using my BP med or not. Also I don’t get a synergistic effect with them stacked. This was observed over this past year during different phases of training/supplementation/dieting. Will you get the same response? IDK Am running Flash Cialis


Used 50mg ed during my last two cycles and to be honest I cant tell if it does anything. I run aromasin so I cant tell if the anti estrogenic effects are working and not sure what the synergy looks/feels like when stacked.

That’s why I go from experience with the orals that I mentioned

YES!! THANKS BROTHER Outfuckingstanding

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