Proviron on TRT Cruise

I know I have read this on here I think via @John or maybe @Bigmurph but cannot find the exact posts.

I have never run Proviron, but I know a bunch of you swear by it in general on or off cycle.

Has anyone run it while just cruising on TRT dosing?? (I know that it technically wouldn’t be a cruise)
If so, what are the true benefits, how long, and at what dose would you run it while just cruising on TRT before a next “true” blast??

25-50mg daily.

It has anti-e effects, I find it overall enhances mood, increases libido, increases free test by binding to SHBG, and I have read it’s pretty standard in Europe to prescribe with trt. But I have no overt proof of that.

I stopped taking it bc I started mast, and their pretty close to the same thing. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

It’s not going to make you huge, or cut you up but it will over all enhance everything.


Sweet! I’m coming off Mast P/Tren A/Test P in 2 weeks and looking to cruise on my TRT dosing for awhile, before starting my clean bulk cycle put together by one of the super knowledgeable sponsors on here. What you described is exactly what I’m looking for and not really wanting it as a bulk etc. addition. Thanks, as usual for the answer/advice!

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I love proviron it has alot of positives and few negatives so its risk vs reward is definitely very positive and it also will make your testosterone work much better.
I believe that 50mg split ed is plenty to get the job done also unless you are going to use over a gram of testosterone.


it is prescribed in UK with trt yes, also here state side they are starting to prescribe cialis with trt, lots of longterm benefits with both that were not thought of or really known earlier on, i love provi prolly just a little too much lol


I recently read about low dose cialis and overall artery health. I’ll try and post a write up this weekend.

You need to do a cholesterol panel if you’re going to do that. For some, it tanks their good cholesterol and raises the bad while some are within an acceptable level.

Please please please, check. These things are about longevity, they won’t kill you quickly but will kill you slowly as a ticking time bomb. It’s why so many guys drop dead when they seem fine for so long without much signs of issues.

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Absolutely! My Dr. does a full panel on me, including CMP, lipids, Test, Estradiol, etc. minimum every 6 months, and more often if I ask him to.

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