What are the guys, who have run a lot of cycles opinions on running Proviron with every/any cycle? Is seems like a lot of guys do it, judging by a lot of the reading/ research I’ve done. Is it really worth it, since your already running some kind of test?

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I am open to anybody’s input, I just tend to listen to older guys/ or the huge guys more, but I will listen to anybody’s input on anything, thanks guys.

I run 50mg a day. Love it and enhances everything makes you super horny when it’s good lol.


50 a day? If I get it should I start at 25? How long you run it?

I don’t want to be anymore horny bro, I’m home a lot lately, just me and, uhhh the dog… for hours…before the woman gets home from work… you pickin up what I’m droppin bro…

Hide the peanut butter :joy::joy::joy::joy: 50mg a day is a good dose


Ha ha but seriously how long you run it? The length of the cycle, or extended past when other parts of cycle has ended??

When I’m cycling it’s 50 mg a day split when I’m cruising 25 mg a day it’s a must for me. When I’m cycling I’ve course use it for the benefits of having less aromatase and also the DHT effect and the way it helps free up the testosterone. When I’m cruising I usually just for the fact that I honestly feel that proviron makes me feel a lot better just in general


I like the improved mood aspect,and overall feelings of well being that I have been reading up on today, and aromatase, also that it will compliment anything else it’s being run with, and now that @PHD and @Bigmurph have confirm that it does some of those things I will give it a shot, thank you boys for confirming my bit of research I did today.

May I ask whose Proviron you gentlemen are running?

i started taking it about 6 weeks ago at 50mgs a day and i’m very happy with it. i mostly take it because it keeps more testosterone “free” but it also increases sperm volume… like a lot haha.


I use Schering proviron

My ancillary is almost always pharma grade


What’s up Brother’s!! - I will also chime in on this. I use prov on cycle 50-60mg through out and at about 20mg cruising. It keeps my muscles hard as Fuck :muscle:and also I like the anti-estrogen benefits as well.

Thanks dubb

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I am giving some a try, I did some reading up on it yesterday, and everyone that has made comments, has confirmed what I read up on, so thanks again gentlemen!


Yes Proviron is the shit especially when running any type of test and hey test is your foundation of any cycle. Proviron frees up unbound test by attaching itself to your sex hormone STRONGER THEN any other AAS known to man. It’s a must in my book I’ve ran ALPHA PHARMA, BAYER, ZPHC,& PHARMACOM labs. Considering the dosage I would look for a 25mg tab and a 50mg tab like PC labs. Start with 50mg daily up the dose till u find your sweet spot maybe 75-100mg is mine. BAYER is the best at 25mg and Pharmacom labs tabs come in 50mg but to damn small to break apart lol so pop a 25mg in the morning wait 8hrs(half life)&pop another 50mg running 75mg is my sweet spot even 100mg. I would recommend BAYER,Alpha,and PC labs. It release and enhances any test bound cycle getting the best bang for your buck!!’ ENJOY BOYS AND GET AT IT GO HARD OR GO HOME


I’ve never ever tried provi, but I know @Bigmurph is a huge fan. I’m going to add it to my cut soon!

Thanks guys, I will be implementing into my cycle next week

I will start with 25mg a day n go from there

Have not come off proviron in two years and hope to never come off

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