Pumping iron

Pumping iron

Pumping iron is the original docu on bbing in my opinion guys like Arnold ,frank colombo ,and many more. Its definitely a funny view into the times because some of the bb are sporting there porn mustaches. In all reality though it shows Arnold in his prime talks about the story of Arnold bringing frank colombo with him to golds gym because he new frank was the only guy that would be able to also handle the grueling workouts and dieting. I definitely recommend that even if you’re a younger guy watch this docu because it will show you the builds in the golden years of the sport before you had mass monsters.

It’s really a good one to watch i would like to talk about it if anyone wants to.

That’s one of my favorite movies. Arnold had the better body but Lou is the king of the senior crowd. The guy is still huge.

i agree but you cant forget about franco columbu. he is what pushed arnold to grow into what he was,

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