Purity source labs review BIGMURPH

Sponsored review for puritysourcelabs.ru
I did donate to the sponsor but was given a discount on the products I received.

*Has the product been used? For how long?
The products were used in February is when I believe that I began taking the Testosterone enanthate, NPP, TBOL, and Proviron.
Im still using the proviron and will finish the npp next time I run npp. I have a vial of testosterone enanthate also im looking forward to using it im running Bayer testoviron that is getting near its exp date.

I used these products for 8wks
Testosterone enanthate 500mg 1-8
NPP 450mg 1-8
Tbol 40-60mg split 1-6
Proviron 50mg split always taking

*Brief description of review
I started off dropping weight so that I could cut but the competition that I was going to cut for didn’t end up happening so I moved forward not bulking like I normally would most would call it a dirty bulk. This time around I wanted to keep calories lower with protein high, low carbs, and fats.
My goal was to trim and still gain mass.

*Communication & Ordering process
Everything was smooth. I choose domestic shipping so it was even easier. Communication was great. Speaking with them since verification great guys.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
4 days and packaging was very high quality. They use high quality vials, stoppers, boxes for most vials and all orals were in foil bags very nice labels printed on the foil bag. The packaging it came in was top notch. No issues

*Items ordered
3x testosterone enanthate
3x NPP
3X Proviron
2x nolvadex
3x tbol

*Product effectivenes and experience
Great products very professional and high quality. I enjoyed the oils and the proviron was great. The tbol was very good. I haven’t used any of the nolvadex though.
My experience with PSL was great and I would use them again and will.

*Additional commentary
PSL really surprised me with the quality of their orals and the oils were great also. Pinned smooth I believe that they were brewed perfectly because I had zero pip, nothing I would never even feel that I pinned. I only get injections like that when I inject my pharma grade testoviron and some other high quality oils

*Rate with 1-10

Communication - 10
Payment processing - 10
Order processing- 10
Delivery - 10
Shipping packaging- 10
Product packaging- 10
Product effectiveness - 10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
I would definitely recommend using Purity Source Labs there products were really good euro pharmaceuticals is high quality.

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