Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle- 16 Week Recomp

Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle- 16 Week Recomp

Stats - 52yrs, 5’10", 238lbs, <15%BF
Goal- 225lbs, 10%BF
Start Date- December 12
Cycle Duration- 16 weeks
Diet- Modified Ketogenic
Starting Calories- Maintenance
The Cycle-
Weeks 1-16 - TestC 200mg/wk
Weeks 1-16 - Primobolan Depot 400mg/wk
Weeks 1-16 - Humatrope 2iu/day
Weeks 1-8 - TrestoloneA (MENT) 350mg/wk
Weeks 9-16 - TrenboloneA 350mg/wk

Ancillaries as needed- Arimidex, Pfizer Cabaser, Clenbuterol, HCG
OTC Supplements- Fish oil, BCAA’s, Vitamin D3, Electrolytes, Dynamic Evolution Loaded AF, Dynamic Evolution Vaso6X, and Creatine.

The Training Routine-

This is my very last cycle of my steroid use journey. This is a 100% Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle and all products are from Euro Pharmacies except for the Lilly Humatrope GH.

I began my diet today on a strict ketogenic diet, less than 20g carbs per day, to get into full ketosis before the supplementation and training routine begins.

I began pinning 400mg/wk of Primobolan Depot December 1 to reach peak serum levels by December 15-21 and I have my testosterone serum levels already peaked with a TRT dose of 180mg/wk of TestC.

I will begin making updates as needed.

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@Gingerlifter Thanks for holding up your end of the bargain. Here is my log to complete our agreement. :wink:

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In In in !

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Anyone unfamiliar with Dynamic Evolution Loaded AF and Vaso6X you can read my review here. By far the best PWO vasodilator combination I have ever used.

If you want to purchase some make sure you use discount code FAM25 for a 25% discount for all members provided to us by @phd.

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So I actually have a question about your dosing with your testosterone. I see that you are going with 200mg a wk.
Do you plan on upping your testosterone levels at anytime during the cycle?
I was curious if you would be raising your dose towards the end and then tapering off or if you were actually raising your dose now up to 200mg and would remain there through the whole cycle?
I was just thinking that you would keep your dose low meaning 400mg I didn’t think that you wouldn’t raise your testosterone levels higher than 200mg.
Do you have a reason for keeping your levels at 200mg?
Im curious because I like to run testosterone levels low and let other compounds do what they do. I wanted to know if there was any strategy behind the low testosterone? Possibly keeping BP lower? Maybe just to keep your gains as dry as possible?
It will help me to know your thoughts about running testosterone at a lower dose than the average cookie cutter cycle.

I have liked your plan to use tren and trest during the cycle for 8wks a piece. I believe that this is a well thought out plan to really get the most out of everything.
Im really looking forward to seeing this cycle play out and come together for you.

Edit sorry @SemperFi just saw this

I have my testosterone serum levels already peaked with a TRT dose of 180mg/wk of TestC.

Im still curious about your strategy though?

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The dosing of the testosterone will not change above 200mg/wk. The nature of MENT does not require testosterone and the receptor binding affinity of tren makes a replacement dose of testosterone more than enough for my purpose. Trenbolone overshadows even a higher dose of testosterone in my experience and I don’t see the need to increase the dosage. If anything I would up the dose of trenbolone before I considered upping my testosterone dose.

I hope that helps answer your question.

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I am estimating my maintenance calories to be approximately 3000 cals. Calorie intake will be 3200 cals per day on training days and 2800 cals on rest days. I will be fasting for a 24 hour period once every seven days so technically my weekly total calories will be a 2800 deficit as the fast will take place on a rest day. I will make any adjustments to my calorie needs based on results after the first 30 days. All other calorie adjustments after the initial 30 days will be done on a bi-weekly basis. I like to work with round numbers so any adjustments will be done with that in mind. Its pretty simple but never easy. :wink:

Protein - 35%
Fat- 60%
Carbs- 5%

I will be dropping some water weight initially, as that is the natural process when going from carbs to the ketosis diet, so scale weight means nothing for at least 30 days.

My initial focus will be on the routine and finding my groove. The TrestA will kick in pretty fast and I want to be prepared to maximize the enhancement it provides in my training.

My goal is to burn body fat very slowly while maximizing muscle retention and even increasing it within reason during the TrestA phase of the cycle.

I completed a 48 hours fast this morning to help deplete my glycogen stores and trigger ketosis. I will now start a strict ketogenic diet consuming no more than 20g of carbs per day for the next 10 days leading into the beginning of the actual cycle.

I will admit that I am pretty hungry since my calorie intake for the past three months has been extremely high for me and has included a lot of carbs that I have not been accustomed to for the past few years. I also am getting over a chest cold that I have had for the past week. Its the first cold that I have had in 6 years and my energy is zapped. I am just going to hang out and relax to try and put it completely behind me.

My breakfast will include 16oz of chicken bone broth, 2 hard boiled eggs, a cup of coffee with a splash of C8 MCT and my OTC supplements.

36 hours post EU Primobolan Depot injection, 2mL in each glute, zero pip. The oil is very thin, draws exceptionally well and injects easily through a 25g pin.


I have to say that I don’t believe I could go 48hrs while on cycle fasting. My hunger pains would be incredible. I hate the feeling of my stomach eating itself.
RESPECT on the fasting for 48hr even fasting for 24hr would be difficult for me but possibly something I could do. 48hrs I wouldn’t make it I would kill and eat something lol possibly my own hand lol

Do you believe that fasting for 24hr on cycle is a big help rather than just spacing out your calories to be in a deficit?

The 24 hour a week fast is a health decision. If you have studied the benefits of fasting you may understand how it can be supportive in this current cycle. The fast is not being done to limit weekly calorie totals. My belief is by maintaining a more efficient metabolism and digestive tract assisted by fasting I can intake less calories and receive the same nutrient benefits of a less efficient, higher calorie diet. If I need to increase calories to support my goals I will do so in the 6 days that I am intaking calories.

Thanks for the question @Bigmurph


Ive been reading everything posted about the Ketosis and fasting it interests me alot.
I will be following closely to track your progress. I think that you are going to have a good run.

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Thanks for the support.

I KNOW I am going to have a good run. No coulda, woulda, shoulda when we implement a sound process. :wink:

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Get em that’s the attitude we all love.

In Ketosis. Keto blood meter result showed 2.3mmol/L. 0.5-3 is optimal.

A week and counting.

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I want a fancy keto blood meter.

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@Fitraver They actually are useless once you are experienced in the ketogenic lifestyle. I simply did it for my log.

You love numbers bro and I know you would like one but knowing you you would end up breaking the bank buying test strips because you HAVE to know… we are a lot alike in that regard. :wink:

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Hahahahaha god so true :joy::joy::joy:

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OCD is such a bitch when she wants to be.

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It really is.

Second injection of EU Primobolan Depot down. I am currently on 200mg/wk of TestC and 400mg/wk Primo. First injection of MENT is December 12.

I am in ketosis and I can physically feel the water weight coming off. My energy level is still depleted but will improve over the next couple of days. I hit my caloric intake needs yesterday and will be starting my first training session today with the new routine.


Im guessing that all pins are smooth and the oils are brewed with quality in your opinion so far?
Im just curious about quality.

So once you pass a certain point into ketosis your energy levels will return to what you would consider normal?
Are they possibly better in ketosis?

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