Purple Panda Labs Intro promo non verified src

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Hey UG fam,

Glad to be here with you guys. My company has been around for about a year and a half now but our reputation is quickly growing. We provide high quality steroid raws, finished products, peptides and hgh. Our typically T/A is 4-7 days or less depending on if you’re ordering domestic or international. We have amazing stealth so customs issues aren’t a problem. We ship from hongkong. But I’m an American living here and overseeing this company. We don’t have a minimum order so please feel free to put in a test order first. We are giving the community a discount to give us a try, 10% off discount code: 941b50d2
We offer 100$ store credit for blood work
We have current hplc testing done by a third part lab for all of our raws and they are posted on my website.

finished products
female hormones
lab equipment


Panda great to hear from you brother glad your around.

EDIT pplabs was supposed to join and I haven’t heard back yet.
I hope that he does join the fam because he is a great guy and has had some growing pains but has made it through 6+months with 9i% customer satisfaction.

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How do I tell when this was written? I know with my genius IQ, I tend to overlook the obvious… Yeah right.

Panda is still verified but he is just an inactive src. You can see dates on the desktop version of the site just not on the phone version.
All that info is still good
I’ve been talking with panda might be a change soon. I would like panda to be a verified active src. Hopefully soon

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