Quads quantlet style tonight

Killed legs tonight. So full of blood they hurt. These workouts are really tough not to mention 3 weeks out where energy is super low and pretty much non existent especially after working 12 hours.

Still have a few open spots for training. Let me know if you’re interested and let’s get rocking. Have a good one UG fam



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Damn dude. Veins popping out like crazy.

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Nice. I started this silly leg workout. Fucking hurts for 3 days…


So everyone is clear… Are you saying…
8 rounds of 12 reps and 5 Rounds of 20 reps and so on?
Or am I a psycho?

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You are in beast mode if so … If so, then I bow down to you and worship the veins you produce for the world to see. Like dude… Part of me wants to punch you in the gut and run, the other part of me is in awe. Like bro!! Lol

Hahahahaha I’m same way @Stirms I was wondering also. That’s straight insanity lol and I love insane leg workouts lol

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Yes. I’ve decided to try volume training. I’m not sure if it works. But I do puke a little bit after each set.

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8 to 12 sets of 5-20 reps is how this bodybuilding language translate to me. Volume nonetheless, I always would read warmups into this.

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