Question about Thyroid armour

I am curious if anyone has any experience with thyroid armour? Seems like it is hard to find.

You’re gunna have better luck finding just synthetic t3 or t4. I haven’t seen many that carry the natural combo of the two. Tbh it wasn’t until my doc got me on a t3/t4 combo that I got better. But for some the combo works. In my situation I don’t convert t4 to t3 so I needed a set mixture of both.

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Thats kinda what I figured, I was researching it a little and found a video from Jay Cambell stating Thyroid armour is much safer.

Ive definitely shutdown all test production. Lol, not sure about thyroid.

I should have lead with this…

If you don’t have an actual thyroid problem, and you aren’t using body building to make money, I would highly suggest you stay away from t3/t4. Use diet an another means to cut. That stuff is NOT something to mess with unless you know what you’re doing. Even doing it right you still run a high risk to fuck your natural production and need to be on pills to make you right the rest of your life. Thyroid effects a million things in your body and is not something you wanna go through having to fix. Take it from someone who actually needs them to function right.

Sort for the assumption, but I’m guessing if you needed them you’d have gone to a doc for them. So my guess is you wanna use it for cutting. If that’s wrong I apologize. If it’s not haha please at least research like crazy or just Go a different route.

I’ll stop my rant now lol


Thats exactly why I haven’t attempted that yet. Thanks for confirming. Don’t have any problems with my thyroid and would love to keep it that way. Thanks again

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Smart man.

Perfect advice ! I know there is no one out there that believes you can get away with using these pharmaceuticals without problems. Cyto, triacana were must haves. I used early and often. Such complex hormonal cascades and feedback control systems especially for the compounds we called Ancillaries. But we loaded one t3, t4 was hardly done and then you have pro drugs or enzymes or other tr p pic hormones that control it all. It took me 2 years to to fix my levels mainly because I hated the feeling of being fat or stringy or too dry, headaches, PACs, so I’d say fuck it and add it back in. Everyone is diff e ent I looked like I went out of my way to sabotage myself. Its like most don’t think insulin will fuck up natural beta cell production. Plus more .


@station23K there is a simple blood test to check your thyroid. The ‘normal’ range is very broad. If you find your thyroid at or close to the ‘hypo’ end of the ‘normal’ range you can consider using OTC supps and diet to improve your thyroid.

I am seen regular by a ND and we use iThroid iodine supplement to keep my thyroid in the ‘hyper’ end of the ‘normal’ range. Dirt cheap… like $11 for a 90 days supply at Amazon.

I agree with @Fitraver. Avoid using exogenous thyroid hormones to increase your metabolism if you actually do NOT have a medical condition making it necessary. Without proper supervision and professional input it is a risky game with potential devastating results.


Fantastic advice from the vets def worth listening too! This is a risky game we play so def want to do your very best to be as safe as possible the rest is in God’s hands :pray:t2:

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Thanks everyone for your replies, I will definitely take your advice. Sometimes I might get a little lazy and look for that “ magic pill”. For some reason I keep finding out that it is bullshit and doesn’t exist. Lol

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