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So in my past two brews with test e I have used gso, in my upcoming brew I am using test c and would like to go either straight mig 840 or mix of mig and mct for a thinner solution ( I’m going to try subq twice weekly) looking to make my test cyp at 250mg/ml. I have both oils on hand so either or, or mix of the two is doable. I couldn’t find much info about any recipes with these two and test cyp, but I have read much about test cyp crashing without a lot of bb and that bothers me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully someone here has some experience with this. Thanks guys.

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I’ll be following this thread as I’m curious to learn the answer to this.

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I am not a fan of test cyp tbh it is much more likely to crash than test e is and the recipe to brew it is different because of that. I am not a big fan of solvents more than what is necessary.
I don’t know much about mig 840 at all so I can’t really speak on it. why not use straight mct oil as it is thinner than gso ?
why are you going subq? I assume that your body fat it pretty low?

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The reason I also got the mig is because I have read numerous places that it will hold better in suspension similar to EO. Going subq because all the studies done on it have shown that it is just as effective as IM injections for a trt dose up to about 600mg a week in two weekly injections. ( I basically just want to try it out too) body fat is not that low, but it shouldn’t matter for the subq injections because the studies I read actually had quite a few obese level III people around my age in the groups. I’m about 27% bf myself.

My issue with subq injects is that release rates from fat stores aren’t uniform but if it works it works
EO is a big no no in my book … I won’t use it myself and I wouldn’t put it in my gear for others to use my advice is to research the mig and see what it actually is and it is normally used for.

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Glad to see you back Grrl. You and Ron are by far my favorite domestics.

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Yeah I feel you on the EO, I have no personal experience with it but have read a lot of bad. Mig is derived from mct and is used in many pharmaceutical products. I am just curious if anyone has used it and at what % with mct. If no one has any experience I will just do some nerdy laboratory research myself and I’ll post up how things go. I really wanted to try it out so that I can lower the BB, I don’t like the idea of having a high percentage of solvents in my body.

You do not need a lot of solvents to cook nor does your carrier oil have a serious impact on the amount of solvent used. A lot can be done my manipulating heat to thin out carrier oil. How many times have brewed? What is your recipe?

Also mig is known to cause some reactions in certain people

Two brews with test e and gso. I don’t have a recipe yet for the test c, that’s what I was kind of wondering about here, I mean nothing more than what I have already done. (Test e at 250mg/ml with 2%ba 18% bb

True, i was going to filter .25ml and test it on myself first

Should never using any other kind of filter. Ever.

Stick w that and see how it goes w test c. But as she told you above c is much more prone to crash

I’m using a pvfd .22 filter like always, what I was saying is that I’m going to try to inject .25ml to see if I have a reaction. Yea I guess I will just try it with lower solvent and see if it crashes then adjust accordingly. I know that mig 840 does hold compounds better than gso with less solvents for other hormones, so I imagine it would for test as well. There are quite a few people out there doing just that with other compounds I just haven’t found anything with cyp

Thanks primo :slight_smile:


Finished making my test batch of test cyp. I made 12ml with mig 840, 2% BA, 15% BB, 3.6g test cyp raws from hupharma. I tested the raws with a rough melting point test using hot plate, an infrared temp gun, and a digital thermometer ( 98°c) I also used a labmax kit for testing and will post the pictures.

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Looks like a solid brew

Yup! It has been over 24hrs and hasn’t crashed. I may try lowering the BB on one more 12ml to see how it does before I brew it all up or I may try making a 400mg/ml dose. I’m only going to use a trt dose while cutting weight, so I haven’t decided. I did a subq injection, it had zero pain or discomfort and flowed very easily through a 27g needle so I went slow with .5ml ( made I take about 45sec)

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If you’re going to be using it for trt might as well brew 200mg/ml.
I just don’t like high mg/ml dosages. Just a preference no more than that.

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