Question On Para Pharma lab gear

Hey guys I just got 10ml of test E 250 from a source that has some really amazing reviews and some that are bad but more because of shipping and customer service. But my experience with their service was great and I received my product quickly but I’m just wondering have any of you tried Para Pharma products? Like I said I got Test E 250mg and what I’ve noticed is the older reviews are mostly the bad shipping now I have seen new reviews from like this week saying they had good results off of para Pharma from the same source. I’m just curious what you guys have experienced with this lab.

Also want to mention I went in Para Pharma website and checked the supplier and they said they are a legit source for their lab.

I have used para and was pleased with the results

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Para pharma products are pretty good to go from my knowledge. I’ve never used them but I have seen plenty of lab reports, HPLCs, roidtests and good reviews that I wouldnt hesitate to use them.


I’ve ran Paras gear 6 years ago before they went mainstream and the gear was great back then I’m sure they probably hold the same standards as always

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