Question regarding liquid caber?

What’s up brothers ! So i recently was only able
to get my hands on liquid caber unfortunately and it’s dosed at 60ml @ 1mg/ml. I know with tablets it’s .25mg. My thoughts were simply break it down and start with .25=15ml or is that way to much ?

EDIT: .25 is .25 I don’t know why I thought 1ml had 60mg in it this is why you always ask and Measure twice cut once :man_facepalming:t2::joy::man_facepalming:t2::joy:

If 1mg = 1ml… .25mg = .25ml… please don’t take 15mL of caber.


I new I was overthinking it lol that’s why I always double check … I get it now there’s 60ml’s total and 1mg per ml :man_facepalming:t2: Brain fart today sorry for the dumb question not my day today ! .25 is .25


I would shake it up well unless it says otherwise to make sure it’s dosed as close to what you want as possible sometimes those liquids can settle


Will do . Yea instructions say shake well before use ! Start with .25 first week and see how I feel then increase to .5 if needed … I ran out of my tablets and this was the only solution that would get to me in only 4 days so will see how this liquid is ! That’s for the info brothers

I was like :flushed: when I read it. :joy:.


Please. Be careful. Caber is no joke. I know I am a broken record, but make sure you have bloods done to ENSURE you even need caber. :wink:


My brain isn’t working today . I have no clue why I thought for some reason 1ml had 60mg total in it lol that why I asked … I hate liquid I always use tablets ! Haha where’s a moderator at to delete this dumb post :joy::joy::joy:


All good bro. Someone else has thought the same, and I’m positive someone will in the future! It’s all good!

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I rarely use caber and had a small amount left from last yr when I ran a test and deca cycle. I use P5P for prolactin support but this cycle I’m on now Im running test deca dbol proviron and I needed something fast since everything I’m is getting delayed ! Luckily this caber came ASAP so I’m going with it ! Will be getting a full anabolic panel when I’m done with cycle
I’m 8weeks in

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I was under the impression that caber isn’t stable as a liquid because I always wanted to get it myself and generally use the p5p form of b6 like you. Maybe someone more knowledgeable with chemistry can chime in?


This is my first time using the liquid. I hope it’s stable in solution. That’s a good question though hopefully someone can answers it

Damn @NeuroRN you been pulling them doubles ain’t you I’m pretty sure you meant what you wrote haha jk.

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From my understanding it isn’t stable but I guess its better than nothing if you can’t find the real stuff.

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I believe that you shouldn’t run unless prepared. Drop the nor19 and run your cycle or prami or bromo with it if no caber available.

I believe real life situations happen with family and kids and it’s easy to make a mistake thinking you had more then you do left in a container where there’s everything all together ! Shit happens i received my p5p the day after getting this liquid caber and there should be some tablet caber coming but who knows when that will be.I originally was using p5p from the gate think there was maybe 2 weeks where I was waiting so I pushed for the liquid . packages are coming unexpectedly and not on time something no one can control.

Shit happens I agree but that p5p hasn’t been proven just said it works actually just implied not even claimed.
I hate dietary supplements so im a bit bias.
The liquid caber didn’t work?
I still believe in preparation brother it would save you this craziness that’s all.
Shit definitely happens I can’t even argue with that lol

Oh man…

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