Random question regarding my 1st cycle

Random question regarding my 1st cycle

I’d eventually like to compete, so I’d like to try my 1st cycle, nothing crazy but with all these scammers, how would y’all recommend I’d go about picking the right source ? Any advice would help thanks .

Any source here is reliable and have been verified


Exactly what PHD said.

First welcome aboard brotha, glad to have you here. Doing a little research here and you’ll be good. Every source is verified here so your in good hands, come check us out

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Welcome to the forum do research plenty of info on all sources here. Goodluck.


Welcome aboard. Let us know your stats. Workout. Experience in the gym. Stuff like that. Helps others help you. You’ll like it here. I’ve dropped all my other boards and solely come here to UGM.


I plan on it, thank you


You should post up an introduction to let us know a bit about you

Welcome to ugmuscle

Nothing is ever guaranteed you definitely want to do as much research as possible. We don’t discuss things like this but I would like to hear about what kind of cycle you plan to run and your stats and background.

1 time you keep simple jus test :grin: thats my opinion, good luck sir


You came to the right place. Some pretty dope brothers in here helped with my cycle.

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