Real Deal Podcast-Not For The Faint Of Heart

For all of you who have never been in combat or been deployed to a hostile area…this will be an education.

Yes, its long and I did shed a few tears reliving some bad thoughts but its worth every second.

This is and was real life for possibly a few guys on this board.

Stay hard/Semper Fi


Met Dakota a couple of times after the Corps. He’s a great Marine and a no bullshit kinda guy. I like him. Watched this before. Great pod cast. Thanks for reminding me of it. SFMF


Thanks, but I don’t feel like being a cry baby today, Adex don’t help that much.


Back at ya bro

Jonathan…tighten up young man…square yourself away and watch this video.

Thank you guys for your service. I havent seen combat being in the coast guard, but i was over in bahrain. Got to go to Kuwait and see the bullet holes in the buildings. You guys do some serious work over there. On a light note i only got to shoot them with camera’s, got a few pictures straight down the barrel of a fifty pointed at me, but they werent shooting. Thank you guys again.

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Its all good bro…you did your part for this country. Stay hard.

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