Recomposition possible?

Recomposition possible?

Hey guys so I know that you can’t build muscle without a surplus of calories and you can’t burn fat without a deficit, but I read that it might be possible to do an actual recomp ( build muscle while burning fat) if it is your first cycle, like some newbie gains or something. I’m getting everything ready for my fist cycle and I’ve gained a little body fat, around 14 to 15% now, I want to do my first cycle before summer so I was wondering if a recomp is actually possible with this being my first cycle or if I should just go ahead and cut back down for a couple months or so and get back to around 10% bf before I start my cycle. If anyone has experience or knows if it’s possible to recomp I would really appreciate the info. I’m not exactly sure what my calories should look like for a recomp or even a cut while on cycle. I think I’ve got a good bulking plan down but being at 15% bf I don’t want to keep gaining fat before summer hence the recomposition. I’m planning on running 500 test e and 300 Eq a week for 10 weeks. Any insight would be much appreciated. And I’ve got my AI,nolva, and clomid for pct. wish I had hcg but still gathering supplies. Thanks in advance

There are a lot of questions in there. First cycle just do test only. The EQ you’re talking about will just be wasted. Too low a dose and for too short. Needs to be run 16+ weeks. Yes you can recomp. I’m 44 and naturally lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle in the last 10 weeks coming back from a year off. Still gonna lean up a little before I start a cycle. Just run test at 400/week amd eat maintenance calories. Make sure you’re getting 1-1.5 g protein/lb body weight. Train hard amd you’ll lose fat and gain muscle. 3 or 4 days/week + 2 days/week moderate cardio. Save the EQ for later.


Your first cycle should be test only. As far as recomp goes I think that recomp works better without AAS. With natural hormone levels you will be able to lose a moderate amount of weight while gaining a moderate amount of muscle mass as long as your diet is correct and you train hard. Recomp becomes more difficult when you adjust your hormone levels to add mass or lose fat. If your wanting to recomp and use AAS, I would suggest TRT at 150mg/week.

Recomp is possible but diet and training need to be on point before the gear. It is about way more than just calories in. Actually track your food for a week, weigh and measure everything that goes into your body. Then see how you react by adding or deducting carbs and fats use the mirror do each for ten days and adjust depending on how you are responding. Once dialed in you have your starting point, add the test and track it.
I do agree with the other EQ is low and not long enough may also make you hungry lol…run the test and see how it goes. I would also suggest running the test for 12-15 weeks.

You can in fact build muscle on a calorie deficit… There are research papers that prove this.
However. it’s not optimal. Just wanted to clear the air on that.

Most people’s walking weight is about 15%, at least that’s where I sit normally…

Run a test only cycle, @ 400mg a week, 12-15 weeks. Track your calories. Shoot for 2300-2400 calorie diet.
Learn macros.

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If you’re a genetic freak like Kevin Levine or Flex Wheeler you can grow and drop body fat at the same time. Milos said he put around 44Lbs of muscle on Flex in I think 5 weeks while removing all visible fat. I wish I had those genetics. It’s was discussed in a YouTube video with Dave Palumbo and Milos Sarcev. Check out at 28:30 where he talks about Flex Wheeler. It’s pretty funny, and insightful.

HIIT is a great way to recomp as well, I would strongly recommend it over cardio.

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Thanks for all the input, gonna drop the Eq for sure test only. My diet is on point I was recently at about 7 to 8% bf but it was difficult getting there a lot of hitt and a lot of fasted training. I could just do it again just wanted to build some muscle before summer and still be lean just don’t think I have enough time for both. So I’ll probably just cut back down naturally and then cycle during summer. And thanks again everyone

How much weight are you wanting to lose?

About 10 to 12lbs it works out that I can lose about a pound every week with a 25% deficit so should take me about 2.5 months.@McSwickles sorry can’t remember how to reply to you

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I know personally I’m cutting till I feel I’m low enough bf wise before trying first cycle. I don’t want gains held back from not eating enough for growth

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