Reddit SST or Steroid Source Talk Board Drama and Scam

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This one is an interesting one involving top moderator of Reddit Steroid Source Talk sub aka SST. What was alleged was a moderator called u/EnhancedGrappler deleting posts of another well trusted source on another board. The source had also reported to u/Polar_Wolf that a new email used just for a reddit account and not promoted was immediately emailed a source list from a supplier for raws. This means the reddit mods were either sources themselves or selling info from the mod mail.

Upon further investigation of u/EnhancedGrappler it appears he is also u/GD_rep aka Guardian Pharmaceuticals.

Below images were posted to imgur and within moderator and private board mods. Get ready for a long one…

##Evidence of u/EnhancedGrappler

Purchase of many Raws

Claims to have dozens of packages seized many with Raws

Claims to have TONS of bunk GH

More dealings with Raw suppliers

Questions other labs on their blends and why

More questions about production

More questions on production

Here he states he is from Ontario Canada

##Lets bring in Guardian Pharmaceuticals and u/GD_rep. A new Canadian Supplier
Here is his opening post and giving thanks to top mod u/Polar_Wolf

Lets see where Guardian Pharmaceuticals ships from

Here is a post ask for a competitive manufacturer. He replies first as GD_rep, then as EnhancedGrappler. Here he asks Polar to make him a mod so he may delete the comments on this.

##Evidence of reporters new email used for reddit verification only and received immediate email 24 hours after. This was only given out in a private mod message to reddit mods.

One thing for sure in reddit is that the mod team and sources is questionable. As a mod, they can delete (as enchancedgrappler has stated his reason for being a mod) posts and comments as they wish of their own or competitive sources. You cannot find a single negative review for them on reddit but you can at other places.

Link to more Drama with Guardian getting called out with another “source” at


Mods = Sponsors. u/Polar_Wolf u/EnhancedGrappler

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