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I posted about my recent brew of bold cyp and test e in a couple of sections so Im gonna try and condense here. I did the recomp of my brew. I took the test e from 260mg/ml to 200mg/ml and the bold cyp from 210mg/ml to 150mg/ml. I used 11ml mct to dilute the test and about 19ml mct to dilute the boldenone. I added .2ml of ba to keep the ba levels of both brews at 2%. Changed filter membrane from PES to PTFE and used new sterile vials.

My first pin of the bold was close to 24hrs ago with no swelling, redness, or fever like I had previously experienced. Will pin the test tomorrow morning and report the next 24 hrs of the bold as the ailments increase in severity over matter of days


Im glad to hear that it worked out good.

The bold cyp hurts like bloody hell but no swelling ,redness, or fevers still. The test i have experienced no pip what so ever so far. Does anyone know why a compound/ester causes pip? I would always read about the pip of different compounds and think that it was just the nasty solvents they put in there but now I think differently after brewing.

Im body testing my brew its kinda scary cause Im just sitting here waiting for my blood levels to tank haha. Any one had experience with @Genuineraws and done and testing or blood work?

Lots of reasons for pip, could be the brewer, could be the pinner…

Not the type of feedback im looking for. Need a little more depth their buddy, not real constructive or helpful

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In a nutshell, if you take out user error in all fashion, the molecular size and weight of both the compound and the ester comes into play. The larger the molecular weight, typically indicative of it’s size, has the tendency to cause pain either during or likely post injection. The ester takes time (for lack of a better term) to be broken down and release the hormone. Hence the esters half life. Then the compound also takes time to be broken down and metabolized which is typically within the first couple of hours regardless of the compound. Some of your “smaller” compounds and esters can still be quite painful but that is usually because of either crystallization in the muscle tissue before the body can metabolize the compound. The solvents and brew can definitely help with these smaller compounds. Unfortunately, boldenone has one of the largest molecular weights and typically requires slightly higher percentages of solvents to get it to “hold” so combined it’s a recipe for post injection pain.

I’m just a dumb grunt so this is the way I understand it but maybe some guru or chemist can give some greater detail or reasoning on the matter.


The first reason for pip is the molecular weight of the compound the higher the weight the more pip and then so on through the process of brewing with the solvents and then to the way it is injected.
Many different things can cause pip

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Also should add Ive done tons of research on pinning sterile and my gf is a nurse

Definitely helps knowing how to give a proper injection. Especially with medical background

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I’m pretty sure I’ve done more intramuscular injections than most nurses lmao


Ha ha

Just got my blood work back after running my brew. I am supposed to be running 500mg/w of test but my bloods came back at 1500ng/dl which is too low for that dose. Between the redose and refilter I may have lost. It could be underdosed powder too. Does anyone know about overheating and breaking down the hormone during brewing?

I don’t know about the brewing process but the numbers aren’t there on your blood work.
You say it came back at 1500 is there a cap on the blood work? Meaning does it only measure your blood level to 1500?
When was your last injection before blood work?

Day after. Are caps a thing? Doctor said around 1500

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There are only certain tests that will give exact numbers above 1500ng otherwise it will read something like this … <1500ng/dl

The test is usually labeled “LC/MS” if it’s supposed to read over 1500ng.

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Well fuck…I didnt know that.

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