Requirements for HCG to get nuts back up

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How much HCG should I use on a continuous do I mix 5,000iu with bacterios water.also how much to take out for stick on insulin needle.

This is a good read I posted awhile back

Depending upon how you reconstitute your hcg will depend upon how much you need to pull.

How much to use on a cruise or trt is individually dependent but I used to use 250iu 2x a wk but this was only for a 10wk time usually.
You can become desensitized to hcg if taken for extended periods of time at certain levels.

Is anyone on a trt regimen and HCG?

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I take mine twice a week 250iu Monday and Thursday. I only do this because I’m trying for kids still. It was a 5000iu in 2ml bac water. So with a little math each mo has 2500. So with a 1 ml 100 insulin syringe each mark is 25 so I take 10 to equal 250iu.

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Just be careful and know what size insulin needle you have. Then with a little math you can figure it out.

I’ve been doing a gram a week. .5 on Monday/Thursday. I noticed an uptick in morning wood and I am even higher on the sexual desire more than normal. I have gained about 10% size on my balls in about 2 weeks of use. I also take .25mg of Adex EOD to keep the Gyno away…but so far this has been a good results for me. I am on the end of my 3rd week.

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I take 10,000 spread out though the month, 3-4 weekly injections … then off for 2 months. Been a protocol that was shared with me a few years back… seems to keep my testicular volume up. Although my kids are grown and not necessarily worried about sperm count and fertility… mainly maintaining form/ function / esthetic / avoid atrophy of the testicles.

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At 250 twice a week my balls are full but by third day I do feel some shrinkage. By then i take another shot if i wasn’t having kids I’d say screw it.

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Maybe I’ll spread mine over Monday Wednesday Friday just to see if it helps me out. Thursday to Monday I notice my “drop” goes away about Saturday night…

Same it’s about sunday morning for me. But not long enough for it to be a concern.

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How do you mix a 5,000 vial with bacterios much to draw out on slim pin.thank you.

Thanks that’s exactly the info I needed.

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Ive been on try for 5 years.i get a weekly shot at yet clinic of 200mg of levels are at 900.thanks for info.


I remember back in the day when I used HCG it said it was only safe to use for 20 days after reconstitution, and must stay refrigerated. Not sure if that still the case?
One guru said take 500ius the night before your TRT shot. I liked taking HCG every 5 days. That’s how long it’s active, if I remember correctly.

That’s a solid number

Well I researched it just loses value past 30 days so gets weaker. Now if that true idk. It’s been 30 days and it’s still working for me but I’m almost out so won’t have to worry because should have more

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I take 500iu twice a week per doctor prescribed TRT dose. When I was on cycle I took 500 iu three times a week. The wife has no issue with my performance at 1000-1500 iu weekly.


There are so many stories on HCG it’s hard to keep up on. Refrigerated HCG will stay at full potency for up to 6 weeks. The product breaks down after that in steps. It’s not like it will go from 100% to 0. After 6 weeks refrigerated I have read it will lose up to 10% of its value. I am actually doing an experiment right now. The bottle I mixed will last 10 weeks but I am only riding it for 8 weeks then taking 6 weeks off. See how my body responds in the last couple weeks. I know that 2 times a week I can tell by Saturday eving it’s getting low.

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That’s pretty much the same thing I’ve come across. As long as my testicles fill up then I know it’s still working.

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Here’s where I get confused. I appreciate any assistance.

If I have a 5,000 iu kit & want to take 250 iu twice a week as you do for 10 weeks.
How much bacteriostatic water would I add, to the hcg do get 20 doses of 250iu?

Did it come with any bac water?

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