Review for NANDROXL or Alpha USA

Review for Nandroxl or Alpha USA
These products were bought during a promo that nandroxl was running. So this review is not sponsored in any way.

*Has the product been used? For how long?
I have used the product multiple times. The product is ephedrine hcl amps and I have run them on and off 3x for about 21 days each time.

*Brief description of review
The product is pharma grade and top quality.
I can drop alot of weight before running a cycle and I have used it during the end of a cycle to trim up after bulking. I normally use it in the morning when I wake up and am fasted with an eca stack.

*Communication & Ordering process
Simple I just sent him the order in an email how he has it in his dedicated sponsor category as an example. He sent the btc address and sent the donation. Nandroxl doesn’t speak perfect English. Actually English is usually not the first language for most sponsors. I find not using slang words and writing proper English helps alot when you have questions with any sponsor.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Best domestic Stealth I have seen. He usually sends gifts could be gear could be a tumbler lol

*Items ordered
I estimate that I have ordered 40 packages of ephedrine hcl amps that’s 400 amps
I have also ordered
2xNandrolone base 50mg/ml by androchem
10 amps winstrol alpha pharma

*Product effectivenes and experience
All products are top notch and legitimate no counterfeits. My experience with nandroxl was great the first time I used him before I was even at UGM. He is usually my go to for anything I need in an international brand but with domestic shipping.

*Additional commentary
Nandroxl is a great guy and puts alot in to his customers safety and security. I like that he makes it a priority while still being able to have great customer service and high quality products.

*Rate with 1-10

Communication - 10
Payment processing - 10
Order processing- 10
Delivery - 11
Shipping packaging- 11
Product packaging- 10
Product effectiveness - 10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
I definitely recommend nandroxl. Your going to spend a little more money but you’re going to get a product that is worth spending a little extra on.
Alpha pharma, androchem and sigma just to name a few.


Nice review man, also you made a very good point about speaking and writing in proper English because that could really save you a headache in the future due to miscommunication.


Yeah we have members from all parts of the world and sponsors also. If you’re from the states and use a slang word that to you is completely normal someone in the UK might not even understand what you are saying and English is the first language of both people lol
We all speak the language of the lifting lifestyle and that’s what is great about this community.

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